Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Qassams shmassams"

Israel's ruling party, Kadima, has some very interesting takes on the continuous bombardment of Qassam rockets being launched daily at the Israeli town of Sderot from what is now New Judenrein Gaza (thanks to the concessionist duo of Olmert and Sharon).

Here's what Vice Premier Shimon Peres said to the Jews of Sderot, many of whom have been on a hunger strike protesting the lack of IDF protection from the constant rocket attacks launched from New Judenrein Gaza, the latest of which hitting schools and causing blackouts.

Ynet News - "Qassams shmassams, we'll hold firm. We won't move from here. Our response is causing the other side to strike."

No doubt the Jews in Sderot are thrilled to hear that, Shimon! Shouldn't they also be told to "eat cake" while your at it?

Here's what Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had to say about this same subject.

Ynet News - "We must not forget the lessons of history. We Jews certainly will not forget...To my great sorrow, there is no room for optimism in the coming future."

Yes, thank you Ehud for your strong leadership. Perhaps you'd call the problems in Israel a general "malaise"? Oh, yeah, the fact that you just sent over 3,000 M-16's, with over one million live bullets, to the same PA who is launching these rockets as another "good will gesture" isn't exactly going over too well with the shell shocked residents of Sderot - Especially since the PA has officially declared war on them!

Here's what the good folks of Fatah specifically had to say about Sderot and the rest of the State of Israel.

Ynet News - “We call on all our fighters to act and hit the enemy so that it hurts, in every place, so that it knows that the blood of our martyrs is dear. We declare war on Sderot and on all the Zionist settlements. The Zionists won’t have peace on our land,” an announcement stated.

“We call on all the Palestinian organizations to accelerate activities against the occupier,” the statement said.

Just a thought: Maybe capitulation and concessions aren't working?


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