Monday, July 24, 2006

AGHHH!!!! Olmert STILL vows to expel the Jews!!

This is really beyond belief. Despite the brutal, two-front terrorist war being launched against Israel right now from Gaza and southern Lebanon, Ehud Olmert is still determined to forcibly expel the Jews from Judea and Samaria. No, I'm not kidding.

Jerusalem Post - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert indicated Monday that the fighting in the north and south has not dampened his enthusiasm for realignment, telling Gaza evacuees in Nitzan that other settlements will be evacuated.

"Your difficulties are clear to me and we will solve the problems," Olmert told representatives of the evacuees living in temporary housing in Nitzan.

"We will yet evacuate communities and it is important to me to complete this chapter as soon as possible so that we will be able to continue as a strong and united nation for the challenges that await us."

Olmert said Israel was "fighting for its right to live."

Olmert also told the Nitzan residents that he was "convinced that we made the right decision to carry out the disengagement plan, and it is better for Israel that you are not living in the Gaza Strip at this time."

"I know that you are angry," he said. "I know that you think that you need to be in Gush Katif. We think differently."

I just can't believe he's actually declaring it this soon. I'm not shocked, mind you, that this concessionist anti-Semite is blindly committed to making Judea and Samaria Judenrein; it's just so stunning that he'd actually say it while in the midst of a war with the moslems in Gaza and southern Lebanon that is directly the result of Israel's prior "good will gestures" of "land for peace".

Deperate times call for desperate measures. It may need to come down to open revolution in Israel if a terrible Jewish crisis is to be averted. Compromises with corrupt politicians can no longer be allowed when the fate of Israel, and the lives of millions of Jews, is on the line.

Yes, it's now looking more and more like the time has come for a full blown armed revolt by anti-concessionist Jews against the secular State of Israel and Ehud Olmert. Jewish survival is at stake. A retreat from Judea & Samaria would be suicide, perhaps of Holocaust proportions, and it must be stopped by ANY means possible. Yes, the time for Jews to disengage from Medinat (State of) Israel, and bring to power the true Jewish State of Eretz (Land of) Israel, is now upon us.

Olmert and his kind must be eliminated from power if the Jews are to be saved from extermination. This was the last straw. I now rend my shirt and wash my hands of the Israeli government and Ehud Olmert.

The man is a heretic.

After the war, I will openly advocate for his downfall - by peaceful means or otherwise. Whatever it takes, he and those like him must go.



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