Wednesday, July 26, 2006

UN press conference update

ROME - The terrorist rabble of the UN, led by anti-Israel activist Kofi Annon, announced their demands for an unconditional cease-fire by Israel at today's emergency press conference in Rome.

However, there was one notable who did not endorse that action: Secretary of State Condoliza Rice. Rice continued to hold steadfast to the American position that any cease-fire without the permanent disarmament of the "Party of Allah" would be counter-productive.

The press conference was held almost two hours late because of arguments between Rice and the Rabble over the content of the joint statement they planned to make. In the end, it was clear that Rice and America's stance remains in direct opposition to the UN's "death to Israel" policies.

The emergency conference came less than 24 hours after Israel successfully bombed a Hezballah UN post, which was actively aiding and abetting the moslems seeking to exterminate the Jews in Israel. Four anti-Israel activists were killed.

To date, Secretary General Kofi Annon has flatly refused to label the rocket strikes and kidnappings by the "Party of Allah" as terrorist acts, while condemning all Israeli military responses.



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