Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Knesset to vote on banning moslem MK's

For the record, I have been very critical of NRP leader Zev Orlev in the past for being a sell-out to concessionist leaders like Olmert and Sharon just to keep his cushy seat in office. That said, I have to give the man his due for advancing a bill that would effectively expel the arab MK's from office for openly supporting terrorist groups like Hamas and Hizbullah.

Arutz Sheva - The bill was submitted last week by Knesset Member Zevulun Orlev (National Religious Party-National Union) following public statements by Arab MKs expressing support for the Hamas leadership of the Palestinian Authority. The Arab legislators condemned the arrest of dozens of Hamas members and referring to the IDF as "a terrorist organization."

In contrast, the Arab MKs refused to condemn the kidnapping and murder of Eliyahu Asheri. At least one of them also said that the kidnapping of Corp. Gilad Shalit was a legitimate "military operation," and that Shalit was a prisoner and not a hostage.

"Particularly during these days, when our soldiers are fighting against terrorists," Orlev explained, "there are expressions by a number of Arab MKs identifying, supporting and encouraging terrorist groups like Hamas. It is therefore urgent that the legal process be sped up."
Good for him. Orlev has been known to be soft in the past, so this shift to the right is very nice to see. Perhaps the vermin sending missiles up to Ashkelon from the homes that used to be lived in by Jews has awakened him. Let's hope the bill passes.


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