Wednesday, July 05, 2006

2nd "Shmassam" rocket slams Ashkelon

The Jews were expelled why? Oh, right, because there would be better security in central Israel if the Jews of Gaza were deported and the land given over to the islamic vermin.

Ynet News - A second Qassam rocket in 24 hours landed Wednesday evening at a street in the Shimshon neighborhood in south Ashkelon. Eight people suffered from shock and were evacuated to the Barzilay Medical Center in the city, including four children.

Simultaneously, another rocket hit grove in the Kibbutz Zikim area, causing a fire.

IDF officials said that the Qassam rocket launched Wednesday night landed roughly 12 kilometers from its launch site. The rocket was a dual-engined rocket, and was launched from northern Gaza, slightly south of the evacuated settlement of Dugit.

Say what? The "Shmassams" (as VM Shimon Peres likes to call them) that have struck Ashkelon were launched from what had once been a Jewish settlement in Gaza? Ohhh, right...I forgot how security would improve after the evil Settlers were ethnically cleansed from Gaza. Oh, and things will undoubtedly get more secure for Israel after the Jews are expelled from Judea and Samaria, too, right? Jerusalem? Leaving the Golan would also increase Israeli security by this logic. In fact, giving the vermin the Right of Return would probably help security for the jews, as well.

Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.



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