Monday, September 18, 2006

Same-Sex Fornication Parade set for 11/10/06, in JERUSALEM

Israel's supreme court has ruled homosexual activists can throw a parade in Jerusalem celebrating the pleasure they receive from alternative fornication, with full State Police protection provided, on Friday, November 10th, 2006.

Yes, Friday at sundown is when Shabbos begins, and, yes, Jerusalem is the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people, and, yes, Friday's in Jerusalem are a frenzied place as observant Jews are trying to do their final shopping preparations for Shabbos, and, yes, Shabbos is the holiest day for the Jews, and, yes, to have a giant parade in Jerusalem promoting the ecstasy of a same-sex orgasm is an abomination to the overwhelming majority of Jews in Jerusalem, and, yes, to have hundreds of thousands of same-sex fornicators wildly reveling about where they put their sexual organs - as Shabbos is beginning in Jerusalem, will be extremely agitating, and, yes, there probably will be big, big trouble when this happens.

Ynet News - Following many struggles and a High Court petition, an agreement has been reached: the Gay pride parade will be held in Jerusalem on November 10.

The Jerusalem police, State Prosecution, the Jerusalem Municipality, and rights groups reached an agreement on the issue on Monday. The decision was made after talks that lasted three hours at the High Court compound in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Municipality will coordinate the necessary preparation for the event with organizers and the Jerusalem police will oversee security.

The Open House gay group turned to the High Court with a request to revoke a police ban on holding the event in Jerusalem.

Noa Satatt, Open House director-general, said the group turned to the High Court "to secure the right to freedom of expression for the community in Jerusalem, and in order to receive a final date."

Clearly, the only reason to do this in Jerusalem eruv Shabbos is to provoke and offend religious Jews. They could do this any other place, any other time, but they want to really stick it to the Jews in Judaism's most holy place.

Yet, when asked why the Gay Parade wouldn't be held in heavily moslem East Jerusalem, the gay leaders simply said, "we didn't want to offend them".




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