Monday, September 18, 2006

Tearful reunion of survivor siblings

MZ doesn't often deviate from posting outrage against the islamic vermin and the self-loathing liberals who enable them, but here's a real touching story about two Jewish siblings, separated in the Holocaust and presumed dead for over 60 years, miraculously coming together for a dramatic reunion.

Arutz Sheva - A brother and sister who long thought each other dead, have finally reunited for the first time since the 1940s, thanks to Yad Vashem’s Central Database of Holocaust Victims’ Names.

The meeting was enabled thanks to the efforts of two grandchildren of the sister, Hilda nee Glazberg. Her long-lost older brother Simon flew in from Canada for the dramatic occasion.

Hilda's grandson David described the airport meeting: "It was very emotional, and there were a lot of tears... Simon landed in the airport, came out, and then stood there, not knowing where to continue. We then went in and his nephew said, 'Simon, this is your sister' - and he burst out crying... They haven't left each other since then; they talk in Yiddish, laugh, cry, and tell a lot of stories..."

The family lived in Romania during the Holocaust years, and from there went to Poland and Ukraine. Some of the family spent some time in a work-camp. After the War, some of the siblings moved to Israel. Simon served in the IDF during the War of Independence, but moved afterwards to Canada, in the footsteps of his older brother.

The vermin celebrate death; we celebrate life. L'chaim!



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