Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jewish humanist professor advocates infanticide

It's just sickening to see the putrid decay that spews forth from my self-loathing brethren once they've been infected by the fecal rot known as secular humanism. The most extreme example I've seen so far comes from radical leftwing professor Pete Singer of Princeton, an activist who supports legalizing beastiality; using social eugenics to weed out our genetic impulse for individualism; expanding animal rights via the "Animal Liberation Movement" so animal life is given equal status to human life; legalizing and advancing policies of mass euthenasia, and, finally, expanding abortion rights to include infanticide, making it part of a "woman's right to choose".

WorldNet Daily - An internationally known Princeton "bioethicist" and animal-rights activist says he'd kill disabled babies if it were in the "best interests" of the family, because he sees no distinction in the child's life whether it is born or not, and the world already allows abortion.

Earlier, WND reported Singer believes the next few decades will see a massive upheaval in the concept of life and rights, with only "a rump of hard-core, know-nothing religious fundamentalists" still protecting life as sacrosanct.

His newest sermon on his beliefs came in a question-and-answer interview the Independent set up with readers.

Singer's response came to Dublin reader Karen Meade's question: "Would you kill a disabled baby?"

"Yes, if that was in the best interests of the baby and of the family as a whole. Many people find this shocking, yet they support a woman's right to have an abortion," he said.

Singer also said the focus on infanticide was not his, but those who oppose him and the media.

"It's always been a minor aspect of my work," he said.

Infanticide's just a minor part of his work?


Oh, and in case you hadn't already guessed: he's a Communist. In his diseased mind, all the world's wealth and resources must be completely redistributed to give all humans equal shares of everything. He also claims humans are really apes and should be categorized as the same species. Finally, he is a great proponent of bestiality because he thinks having orgasms with animals will increase world support for radical animal rights advocacy.

Torah repeatedly condemns the practice of idolotry throughout the text. Singer is the quintessential embodiment of those admonitions.



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