Thursday, September 14, 2006

Terrorist rights activist, Russ Feingold

Terrorist rights Senator Sheik Russell Feingold (D-Wi) has attacked President Bush for having the audacity to call islamic terrorists "Islamic fascists". A self-loathing pacifist who voted against the Patriot Act, against going to war with Iraq, in favor of the famous John Murtha "cut-and-run" bill, and proposed a bill to have President Bush "censored" for authorizing the NSA's wiretapping terrorists following 9/11, Feingold stepped over the line of tolerable dissent when he spoke to an organization that openly hates Jews and Israel on the fifth anniversary of 9/11.

Yes, on September 11th, 2006, commemorating the fifth anniversary of the moslem attacks against America, Sheik Feingold decided to speak to a fifth column organization known as the "Arab American Institute", or AAI. A militant "Palestinian" rights organization headed by Dr. James Zogby (the radical anti-Semite who blames all the world's ills on the Zionists and Israel), the AAI were huge supporters of infamous Jew-hating ex-congressbitch Cynthia McKinny, and donated heavily to her failed campaign for re-election. After she lost, Zogby was all over the news lamenting the sad day in America when the dirty Jews raise so much money that they can throw wonderful people like McKinny out of office.

Anyway, the brunt of Feinglod's 9/11 speech to AAI terrorist collaborators was centered around how President Bush and the republicans have been discriminating against the moslems with wrongful wiretapping, profiling, torture, and, of course, how President Bush is a bigot for using the term "Islamic Fascists" to describe Islamic terrorists.

It seems odd that a Jew would speak to an organization such as this on 9/11, doesn't it? Zogby rails against Israel on TV and in print every chance he gets, and has openly endorsed the conspiratorial tinfoil hat theory that the "Jewish lobby" is somehow running America and cannibalizing Palestinian newborns, yet there's Feingold giving them his love and support on the day honoring those 3,000 Americans who were murdered by the terrorist vermin.

Russ Feingold needs to shut the hell up. It's one thing to give general speeches to random crowds about "human rights", but going to organizations that are openly anti-Semitic like this on 9/11 was in incredibly bad taste.



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