Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Remembering Rehavem Zeevi

Rehavem "Ghandi" Zeevi, the founder of the Molodet Party and the National Union, was murdered by terrorist vermin 5 years ago today, at the age of 75, outside of a hotel in Jerusalem.

He had just announced he was resigning his party from the Sharon coalition government over their decision to expel Jews and give away part of Hebron to the vile, filthy moslem scum, when he was tragically gunned down in broad daylight by Pseudostinians on his way to the Knesset.

Zeevi was not exactly a Kach Party Kahanist, as he did not agree that the State needed to be ruled by Jewish Law, but he agreed with Rav Kahane in the idea of transfer. Like Kahane he believed the arabs were vermin who needed to be pushed out, though he used the term "voluntarily". However, voluntarily to Zeevi meant making the moslems so miserable, harrassed and terrified to live in Israel that they would have no choice but to settle East of the Jordan River and serve as human shields against any attack that might come from Iran or Iraq.

Zeevi commonly refererred to the moslems as "cancer" and "lice". He frequently lambasted the arab MK's in Knesset and despised Israel's current concessionist Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. In fact, he sued Olmert for libel in 1987 after being falsely accused of taking payola from mobsters, and made no secret of his loathing for the effete liberal socialite, ripping him whenever the opportunity presented itself.

So, here's to the late, great Rehavem Zeevi: A man of principle, courage, and a deep hatred for Ehud Olmert and the moslem vermin scum that must be expelled from the Land.



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