Thursday, October 26, 2006

Peres campaigns to free "Palestinian" terrorists from jail

Shimon Peres is an insidious coward who immediately grabs his ankles every time a moslem walks by him with a hard-on. One wonders just how much of Arafat's diseased spooge went down Peres' throat before he died of AIDS. This is when MZ becomes outraged with politics in Israel and starts calling Medinot Israel a "failed state".

Ynet News - Vice Premier Shimon Peres is meeting with Knesset members from left and center to garner support for presidential bid. During meetings Peres gives his political vision, and explains why he is better than Likud rival Reuven Rivlin because of position on releasing prisoners

Sources within the Knesset say that people close to Peres have told MKs from the left, that if he were to be elected president, Peres will strongly consider pardoning Palestinian prisoners in a deal to release the kidnapped soldiers. On the other hand, there is a feeling in the Knesset that Rivlin will not sign any pardon for Palestinian prisoners.

MKs from the Labor have also confirmed these words, saying they have heard them from Peres before.

That Peres and Olmert are so cuddly together is no surprise, but WTF? What's wrong with the Israelis? Why is Peres still in politics after all of his past failures, and how is it that campaigning to free terrorist moslems from prison HELPS him politically? Insanity reigns supreme in the land.

Oh, and one last nugget of corruption from the top...

Ynet News - Following their meeting in Jerusalem Wednesday, an agreement was reached between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz. Israel Our Home was to join the government and the Labor faction was to receive ‘perks’ as an incentive to remain in the coalition.

Again, what is wrong with the majority of Jews living in the Land!? Give concessions to moslems who don't even recognize your right to exist, and then keep right on electing the same lowlife criminals to office??

This, on the heals of President Katsav being run out of office on bribery and sexual assault charges?

I know, I must get worse before it gets better. Yeah, yeah, feh...



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