Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two teens critical as more moslem rockets slam Sderot

Today, two Jewish teens are fighting for their lives after being struck by moslem rockets while Ehud Olmert sipped champagne, pinkie extended, and ordered those bothersome Jewish pests to just suck it up and stop their complaining.

Arutz Sheva - Arab terrorists launched rockets at Sderot Tuesday night, seriously wounding two Jewish 9th-graders. Defense Minister Peretz says it's time for Prime Minister Olmert to start firing back.

One of the boys, 14-year-old Adir Basad, is in very critical condition, and the second boy, Matan Cohen, suffered moderate wounds. They are being treated at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. Three others were treated for shock, and a house and nearby cars sustained heavy damage.

Neighbors who heard the rockets fall said they went to the street to see if anyone was hurt, and found the two boys embraced and bleeding profusely. The two had just completed a high school test and were walking home.

Islamic Jihad terrorists said they were behind the attack, bringing to more than 60 the number of rockets fired on Israel since the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced a ceasefire a month ago.

In the face of non-stop enemy fire from the vermin criminals, Olmert has given the moslem filth $100 million in payola, eased all checkpoints and travel restrictions for the vermin in Judea and Samaria, offered to release over 1,400 moslem terrorists from jail, raised the PLO flag over his home in Jerusalem, and ordered the IDF to permit the moslem filth to shoot missiles at will into Israel without providing any military defense to the Israeli citizens under fire.

Here is Olmert's official "policy of restraint":

Arutz Sheva - Brig.-Gen. Sammy Turgeman, head of the IDF Operations Division, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday, "If soldiers are directly endangered, they may open fire - but they may not do so [merely] to thwart a terror cell. Even if a rocket launching cell is detected in an open area, the forces are not permitted to open fire."

You know it's pathetic when even anti-Zionist socialist weaklings like Peretz are starting to lose patience with Olmert's pacifism. Yes, as I've been saying for some time now, things will continue to get worse before it gets better, I'm afraid.



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