Thursday, December 28, 2006

Olmert delivers arms to PLO as "good will gesture"

Though Ehud Olmert continues banning the IDF from stopping moslem terrorists from killing Jews, he does at least help the situation by transferring mass shipments of automatic weapons with full magazine to the Fatah terrorist organization.

Jerusalem Post - In response to continued violence between the Hamas and Fatah factions in the Palestinian Authority, Israel approved on Wednesday night the transfer of 2,000 automatic rifles, 20,000 ammunition clips and 2 million bullets, to the Fatah security forces in the Gaza Strip.

The decision, made following Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's meeting last Saturday with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, marked the first time Israel agreed to allow arms into Gaza in some six months.

With the approval of the United States, the weapons were transferred from Egypt via the Kerem Shalom crossing, after which a police escort guarded the guns as they were moved to the Karni crossing, where representatives of Abbas collected them.

The Jews, who are so happily being shelled and attacked by the vermin on a daily basis without military protection, will obviously be elated to hear this breaking development.


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Fatah declares they will use Olmert's "good will gesture" of weapons to kill Jewish civilians.

Worldnet Daily - Israel's Defense Ministry said Olmert approved the Egyptian weapons shipment to bolster peace in the region.

"The assistance is aimed at reinforcing the forces of peace in the face of the forces of darkness that are threatening the future of the Middle East," said Amos Gilad, head of the Defense Ministry's political military policy department.

But according to Abu Yousuf, a senior member of Fatah's Force 17, which received the Egyptian weapons, the Egyptian arms shipment will be used to attack Jews and "fight Israeli occupation."

Force 17 serves as Abbas' personal security detail and as de facto police units in the West Bank and Gaza. Many of its members, including Abu Yousuf, also openly serve as militants in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group, the declared "military wing" of Fatah.

"These weapons (from Egypt) will be used to fight Israeli occupation forces, especially to defend against Zionist aggression in the Gaza Strip," said Abu Yousuf.

Big shock.



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