Thursday, December 28, 2006

IDF ethics chairman has "intuition" appeasement is holy

Want to know the heart of why the Hellenized State of Marxist Jews is fatally flawed? Check out how the IDF chairman of ethics (a pathetic, militantly secular professor by the name of Asa Kasher) views religious Zionist rabbis who oppose the leftwing policies of capitulation to moslems.

Jerusalem Post - Radical rabbis in Judea and Samaria and their students have increasingly been calling to replace the IDF's principle of purity of arms with a brutal and vicious military strategy, Prof. Asa Kasher said this week in an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post.

The full interview with Kasher, who chaired the committee that drafted the IDF Spirit, the code of ethics of Israel's army, will appear in the Post on Friday.

"My intuition is that when you are a religious person you should in theory be more able to accept restraints," said Kasher, who has probably had more influence on IDF ethics than anyone else. "Religion is an entire framework of checks and balances and restrictions. There are human inclinations and forces and religion's purpose is to restrain them.

In all aspects of life religion calls out: wait a minute stop and think. If you want to work, work, but not on Shabbat; if you want to eat, eat, but not everything; if you want a woman, go ahead but not just anyone; if you want sexual relation that's OK too, but not during the entire month, said Kasher, who is professor of professional ethics at Tel Aviv University. "But you see that in interactions with our enemy these people, religious people, express a type of brutality and viciousness."

So, Jewish Law is really just a matter of "intuition" that only liberal professors can "sense", huh? That's funny, I had always been led to believe that Jewish Law and our obligations in war had more to do with Torah and Talmud than simply being able to tap into our "extra-sensory powers". Good thing these "rational" and "enlightened" leftists are running Israel instead of us fools who look to the Rambam and Gamara for our Jewish legal rulings.




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