Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Zionist heroes defy police, resettle Samaria

Nothing gets me more than seeing images of the great Zionist men and women who find ways to settle Judea and Samaria despite the official "white paper" ban on the Jews issued by Israel's Marxist Reich. I want to be there with them. I want to help them do the tough work on the ground, be part of the great mission to out-flank Olmert's gestapo, make the lands of Judea and Samaria Jewish once again, and to smell the rarified air of the true Jewish homeland reclaimed by its rightful heirs against all odds.

Here is a beautiful photo essay from Arutz Sheva showing about 1,000 Jewish heroes returning to the Samarian town of Homesh that the Jews were brutally expelled from one year ago:

A poster at southern Jerusalem's Gilo Junction
hitchhiking post announces the Jewish return
to Samaria

The IDF and police set up a Gush Katif style roadblock on
the main Route 60, allowing only PA Arabs and those with
ID cards

The commanding officer displays the
map delineating the area of Samaria
declared closed to Jews

A copy of the IDF order, which is open-endedand
says the area is closed to all Jews wi
special permission from the IDF commander

A former resident of one of the four destroyed towns in
northern Samaria is told she and her family may not pass
the checkpoint

The IDF closes the road to PA Arabs as well to try and calm
the agitated crowd of protestors

Activists start walking toward Shavei Shomron from the
Jitt/Gilad Junction, a five kilometer (3.5 mile) walk

Walking north (the woman in the rear carries jelly donuts,
the Israeli Chanukah treat)

A crowd gathers at Shavei Shomron's northern side, where
the road leading to Homesh has been placed behind a
concrete wall

Riot police, wearing the black uniforms used in Gush Katif,
northern Samaria and Amona, deploy to block anyone from
leaving Shavei Shomron

"If we can't leave Shavei Shomron then neither can anyone
else," Har-Melech declares, rallying protesters to block the
vehicles of plainclothes security men

Police ("we're just following orders") converge on the Jews with excessive force

Protesters reverse directions, cutting through to exit the
town via a gap in the decorated wall being built to cut them
off from northern Samaria

Police rush to fill in gaps in the wall to block the Jews

Seniors and Children decoy the gestapo while the groups
head for Homesh

A horse charges Orit Spitz, a Land of Israel
activist from northern Israel. Another man
later tries to wrestle the megaphone away
from her

The word begins to spread that they've made it to Homesh!


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