Monday, January 22, 2007

Beak bids farewell

A rare personal post about the MZ blogging world.

A member of the blogging community has decided to unilaterally withdraw from the MZ weblog. Yesterday, "Beak" of "Beak Speaks" became offended when I asked him to stop making repetitive, off-topic, spam postings at my site regarding his feud with bloggers "Gert" and "Greg".

After seeing at his site that I am now being torched as a naive commie enabler, a bad friend who never stands up for anybody, and a bad moderator who allows villains to get away with bashing him and others, I guess it's for the best that he has chosen to pick up his toys and go home. Hopefully he will not degenerate any further into mud-slinging my reputation than he already has, but even if he does I will not be getting involved in the soap opera drama of the jilted blogger.

So, we bid farewell to Beak and wish him well. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, right?



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