Monday, January 22, 2007

Breaking News: Olmert weeks away from conceding Judea/Samaria

In just a few weeks, perhaps a month, we are going to see Prime Minister Ehud Olmert officially hand over Judea and Samaria to the moslems as a "good will gesture" for peace. Soon after that, God willing, Settler Jews will mobilize an army of their own, declare the independent State of Judea in what is now called "The West Bank", and fight a war of independence against the vermin just like the first war of Independence back in 1947.

Of course, the war will probably also be waged against the self-loathing Hellenists of Israel, who would violently oppose such a state, but sometimes an internal war, like that fought by the Maccabees, is the only way to resolve a war against God. My money would be on the outgunned settlers, who would make up in stomach what they lack in fire power.

A dandy like Olmert would surrender after the first Hellenized IDF casualty.

Here is an excerpt from Worldnet Daily.

JERUSALEM – Israel and the Palestinians have been conducting behind-the-scene negotiations regarding handing over most of the West Bank to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, according to top Egyptian and European diplomatic sources who told WND they were directly involved with the talks.

The West Bank borders Jerusalem and is within rocket-firing range of Tel Aviv and Israel's international airport.

The Egyptian and European sources told WND the negotiations for an Israeli withdrawal were mediated by Egypt and the European Union, with U.S. input. The sources said major changes in Israeli-Palestinian affairs are expected within a few weeks to two months.

And the beat goes on...



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