Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's official: Moslem given Israeli cabinet post

Moslem terrorists today received their first ever appointment to the cabinet of an Israeli government. We can be certain that this is only the first of many vermin to serve as a Minister in the Knesset, as the leftwing government is determined to turn their post-Zionism into a bi-national reality.

Arutz Sheva - The government of Israel took a historic step today, appointing its first Muslim Arab Cabinet minister: Raleb Majadle of the Labor Party. His portfolio will be determined later.

Israel has had a Druze minister – Saleh Tarif, who was Minister Without Portfolio in 2001-2 – but never an Arab one. While the Druze speak Arabic, they serve in the Israel Defense Forces and have been considered loyal to the state.

Majadle, born 1953, is a native of Baka el-Gharbiya, an Israeli-Arab town of roughly 25,000 inhabitants in north-central Israel, near northern Samaria. His resume reads like a Zionist-socialist one: he was secretary of the Noar HaOved youth movement in his town and secretary of the Regional Workers' Council. He also served as head of the Education and Sports Department of the Histadrut - Israel's mammoth amalgamation of labor unions that was the Labor Party's bastion of political power for decades.

Majadle's appointment is seen by some Israelis on the left of the political spectrum as a long overdue gesture of appeasement towards Israel's Arab minority, against which they feel Israel has unfairly discriminated for decades. Some Israelis on the political right feel that appeasement of Arabs is unwarranted and dangerous.

Post-Zionist Jews believe that the only valid reason for Israel to have existed was as a safety zone to protect Jews of the Holocaust and Soviet eras from persecution. Therefore, now that such threats have been essentially eliminated from the West (for now), leftwing Jews understandably now believe that the original justification for the Jewish State to exist is no longer relevant in today's world. Thus, our current Jewish State seems, in there eyes, to be obsolete, elitest, and immoral, and must "evolve" into an inclusive liberal state without religious and ethnic preferences.

Again, if the Jews are not currently being persecuted as before in the West, why should a state exist for Jews that denies equal rights to moslems? This is only reverse discrimination, right? A State born on the values of western liberalism should, and must, become a melting pot of religious and ethnic equality, for anything less would be a racist, bigoted state that goes against the most basic values of Western style democracy.

In fact, won't the Europeans and Americans stop being supportive of Israel if they don't stop policies that make Israel a Jewish-first State? Isn't Israel going to risk billions of dollars in aid, plus all the perks of a comfortable western lifestyle, if the West divests from Israel for not being more welcoming of moslems?

Think about it.

All of this is a stark reminder for us that the only rationale for Israel to exist is that the Torah tells us it's the Land the Jews were promised by God as an eternal inheritance. That we are as a people and a nation obligated by Torah to settle the Land of Israel, and that we must not allow those who are not Jews to settle this Land and rule over us.

Yes, it's the truth. By biblical decree, Israel must be a State for Jews and only Jews. By any other reasoning one can argue away the need for the Jewish State to exist, and we are seeing this manifest every day in the suicidal policies of these "enlightened", Hellenized leftists currently in power having a fire sale on Jewish Land to appease the same vermin who are trying to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews.

Sadly, we just took another monumental step towards abandoning self rule by appointing a moslem to head a cabinet of the government. We see this Hellenized State meakly hoping that those who hate us will somehow become benevolent once we have compassionately abdicated our thrown. Those of us who know better are obligated to speak out, to SCREAM OUT, against this tragic injustice before it is too late.



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