Thursday, January 18, 2007

Seinfeld sues realtor for observing Shabbos

First, we had to endure Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) falsely claiming to be a Jew after he called black men in the audience N-GGERS during a stand-up routine in LA. Now, Jerry Seinfeld joins the Jew-bashing act himself by suing a Shabbos-observant Jewish realtor for not working on the Saturday he wanted to be shown an apartment.

Arutz Sheva - American Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld was ordered by the court to pay a Sabbath-observant realtor her fee, which he withheld due to her not having answered her phone on Saturday.

The realtor, Tamara Cohen, was unavailable when Seinfeld tried to reach her on a Saturday in February, 2005, according to the New York Post. The comedian and star of the highly successful sitcom bearing his name wanted to see a luxury apartment on 82nd street but could not get in touch with Cohen.

Seinfeld’s estate manager had visited the apartment with Cohen in January 2005, when the listing broker for the townhouse agreed to co-broke the house with her. On Friday, February 11, the estate manager and Seinfeld’s wife Jessica were shown the property by Cohen again. The next day, after Cohen did not answer her cell phone due to it being the Sabbath, the Seinfelds visited the apartment on their own, buying the home for $3.95 million without a broker.

America's most well known Jew tries to screw a realtor out of her commission for being too Jewish. How lovely. The rest of the world must see this and think, "Damn, if the Jews themselves say observing Judaism is criminal than why the hell should we permit it?"

Sick. Just sick. Liberalism is synonymous with anti-Semitism.



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