Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dandy PM Ehud Olmert gets eye-job

Ehud Olmert, the elegant, well-heeled, dandy Prime Minister of Israel, returned home from his social caste enhancing sally to China knowing that he needed to do something valiant and audacious to deflect the charges of bank fraud for which he is now being investigated by Israeli police.

Well, Ehud showed is mettle by gallantly braving the knife of his favorite cosmetic eye surgeon, who, by all accounts, gave him an exquisite eyelift that has made him the envy of popinjays throughout his elite clique of foppish aristocrats. The unkempt bores on the zionist right will surely be eating their hearts out when they see how fancy and opulent he looks in his lavish clothing and beautifully enhanced facial features.

Israelinsider - Ehud Olmert spent 40 minutes in a private clinic undergoing plastic surgery for an eyelift (blepharoplasty) on Friday afternoon after his return from China.

The Prime Minister did not inform Knesset members or the press about his plans before the procedure. However, he made an announced about the operation during the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Prime Minister Olmert, who has a passion for fine pens and owns an extensive collection, has come under ridicule by the Israeli public for a posh lifestyle that is far out of reach for most Israelis. The Prime Minister, now the subject of yet another corruption inquiry, has been a government employee for almost all of his professional life and has not explained the source of his wealth.

Perhaps the best way to show the moslem terrorists who's boss is to wow them with princely formal attire and deliciously glamorous cosmetic surgery. If that's the case, the Jews in Israel have never been in better manicured hands.



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