Saturday, April 14, 2007


TMW and OMIN have been going at it for weeks now, as many of you may have noticed. TMW is a Christian Zionist friend of MZ while OMIN is an Orthodox Jewish friend of MZ. MZ doesn't want any theological blood to spill on his floor, as I see the CZ's as friends doing their part to help the Jewish people reclaim all of the Holy Land and remove the insipid vermin who are trespassing on the ground God gave to us as an eternal heritage. OMIN is taking a harder line.

Therefore, TMW has invited OMIN - and the rest of us - to an open thread discussion at her site where she will try to see if her and OMIN can find enough common ground to become allies. This should be interesting, so check it out.

Go to The Merry Widow to see all the action.



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