Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Moslem Mouse" brings jihad to tots

How adorable. "Moslem Mouse" brings good, clean shaheed fun to islamic toddlers all over Israel so they can grow up to become martyrs someday.

And who sponsors this? Is it tax dollars collected from the vermin? Noooo...they get their money from the UN, Israel and America, of course! And how precious that Walt Disney's loveable characters, the ultimate symbol of youthful innocence, has been imported to the moslems as a training tool for the organized crime syndicate of islam.

The part that gets me the most is that Israel tolerates this crap right under their noses! If they had half of a brain and half of a testicle they'd use this terror recruitment video as a recruitment video to forceably expel every last moslem from the Land of Israel, all 4 or 5 million of them west of the Jordan river. Then, Israel can go about the business of destrying every mosque and every islamic shrine in the country, burning them to the ground and tearing them apart brick by brick, until there is not a single vestige of the criminal cult of islam left standing in the Holy Land.



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