Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time to take out Olmert - literally

At some point in time, if the government of the country will not protect it's citizens from the enemy within it must be put in the hands of the citizens to do what must be done. I can honestly say that the only option that may be left for the people of Israel is to take up arms and use violence against Olmert in order to bring about change.

Yes, that can include assassination as an option against Olmert. He must be sent out of office by force. It also should include a violent and uncompromising attack against any IDF or police mission to expel Jewish civilians from their homes. Rising up with the sword and the gun is now clearly going to become the only means to remove the cancer.

The time has come to force the hand of the aristocrats with spilled blood.

(IsraelNN.com) A 45-year-old resident of Sderot was gravely injured Tuesday evening when a rocket fired from Gaza hit her home in Sderot. She was injured in the head and stomach. Her son, who was in the house with her, was injured also: his injuries are defined as "moderately serious." Two other people who were in the house were lightly injured, and others are suffering from shock.

One rocket scored a direct hit on 'Gil' elementary school.

In a separate attack Tuesday night, a Sderot man was moderately wounded by shrapnel. Four bystanders suffered from shock. Yehuda Shoshan, Director of Magen David Adom in the Negev, said the injured were all taken to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon for treatment.

Terrorists have launched nearly 20 rockets at Sderot and nearby towns Tuesday night, and are threatening to launch dozens more. Two rockets landed in open fields near the city. One rocket scored a direct hit on 'Gil' elementary school, but the school was already empty of children. Other rockets tore up areas outside several Negev kibbutzim. PA terrorists also fired two mortar rounds at a kibbutz near Gaza. The rounds landed in an open field without causing injuries or damage.

Take the scum out by hook or by crook. The corrupt, anti-Semitic leaders of Israel cannot be spared their just penalties, which should include execution for their crimes against the Jewish people and Israel.



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