Thursday, June 28, 2007

Olmert tells Jewish cities under fire to "get over it"

Fascinating. The Prime Minister of Israel expels the Jews from Gaza, gives it to the moslems as a good will gesture, gives those same moslems further gifts of money, weapons and ammunition, releases their terrorists from jail, watches them launch missiles from the very homes that used to be housed by the now homeless Jews he expelled, and when Jews in nearby cities are hit by these vile moslem attackers he says there is nothing that can be done and "them's the breaks".

What chutzpah.

Ynet News - There is no immediate solution for the security problems which plague the residents of the Gaza vicinity communities, said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Thursday, speaking at the Caesarea Forum, held by the Israel Democracy Institute in Haifa.

"Life in Israel involves some risks," said Olmert, "But the risks we face here are far lesser than the ones threatening Jews around the world."

"The terrorists wish to bring Israel to its knees by hurting innocent people …by kidnapping soldiers and praying on the fact that we care for our people by releasing pre-recorded tapes and dictated letters.

As for fortifying the Gaza vicinity communities, Olmert doesn’t think that armoring every building is the answer.

"This is just like the demands to solve the Qassam problem by wiping out entire communities in the Gaza Strip. We can't fortify ourselves senseless because there would never be an end to it.

The risks the Jews face in Sderot is smaller than the dangers Jews around the rest of the world are facing? Funny, I don't recall any missiles being fired against the Jews ANYWHERE ELSE in the world. I don't recall seeing ten thousand Jews ethnically cleansed by any other army in the world ACCEPT the IDF. This is an abject lie from an abject traitor who abjectly needs to be executed for his inhumane crimes against the Jewish people.



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