Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kahane, Pinchas and Olmert

Olmert continued with his treasonous government of corruption and self-loathing this week by appointing a recently disgraced sex offender as his Vice-Prime Minister, and then having his cronies approve freeing 250 convicted terrorists from prison as a good will gesture to the vermin. Ironically, this happened during the week of parsha Pinchas, the Torah account of the truly righteous Jew who killed corrupt sex offenders who helped cause thousands of Jewish people to die for their very public sexual abuses.

After learning of the anti-Semitic news spewed forth by Olmert and company above, I couldn't help but refer back to what Kahane had said about those leftwing Israeli secularists who sell out Israel. Said Kahane:

"Hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews fear, in their heart of hearts, that they are thieves who have no right to be in the country. With God playing no part in their life or calculations and the Divine Promise of the Jews to the land irrelevant, the secular Jew is riven with guilt over his inability to explain away, to others and to himself, arab arguments that the land is really theirs and was stolen from them by the Zionists. The fact that "Jews once lived there" is simply not enough for him to answer the arab, who asks: But I have lived here for hundreds of years, why did you take over my country, "Palestine", and make it a Jewish State, "Israel"?

Zionism without Judaism in Israel is an empty vessel leaving those who drink from its dregs empty, guilt-ridden, and sick with the ague of self-hate."

As I mentioned, this week's parsha was Pinchas, and if you haven't familiarized yourself with this story I definitely suggest you do so. In reading the text we can quickly see one of world Jewry's biggest problems exposed today: Too many Olmerts'/Baalams' and not enough Pinchas'/Kahanes'.



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