Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Real Jewish Government

Slow day in the news, so I thought I'd post some wisdom from Rav Meir Kahane for your reading pleasure.

The Jewish concept of government differs totally from that of the liberal West. The liberal, gentilized society, lacking any concept of objective truth and, indeed, not wishing to have any such concept, desiring the anarchy and totality of freedom to sink to the depths in the mire as they please, is institutionally and ideologically opposed to government coercion in the area of personal life. But Judaism knows that it is precisely the area of personal life of the individual that shapes his character and soul and that will lead to good or evil. And G-d sees in immorality and self-indulgence and materialism, in anarchy, all the things that are evil and obscene and destructive to man and the world. That is why there is Jewish government: To teach man the path of "good," and to ensure that the individual and society follow that path of "good."

A brilliant commentary by Rav Kahane on why modern Israel is mired in such total disrepair. The man was a genious.



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