Saturday, July 14, 2007

Olmert grants amnesty to Fatah terrorists

Shocking news! Israeli PM Ehud Olmert has once again collaborated with islamic terrorists! Yes, Mr. Olmert today officially gave amnesty to at least 180 known Jew killing terrorist fugitives of the Fatah terror organization as a "good will gesture" to renowned Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas. In another stunning news development, the sun continued to set in the west today.

Ynet News: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has confirmed Saturday reports of a deal according to which Israel will stop chasing dozens of wanted Fatah gunmen in the West Bank if they agree to disarm.

The agreement, which is aimed at bolstering Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, was first published by Ynet Friday evening.

Officials in Jerusalem stressed that Zakariya Zubeidi was not on the list of some 180 wanted Fatah men Israel is expected to pardon, but the al-Aqsa Brigades leader said Palestinian Authority officials have informed him that he would be included in the deal.

According to the deal, the pardoned Fatah members will be permitted to join the Palestinian security services but will be prohibited from carrying arms.

As published by Ynet Friday evening, Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed on the granting of amnesty to dozens of wanted activists affiliated with the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah's military wing in the West Bank.

As part of the efforts to strengthen Abbas, three weeks ago Olmert announced at the Sharm el-Sheik summit that some 250 Palestinians ‘without blood on their hands’ would be released from Israeli jails. The list is currently being finalized and is expected to be brought before a ministerial committee at the beginning of the week.

Pathetic. How many Jews does Olmert have to sacrifice before it is finally his neck put in the noose? Can't happen too soon.



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