Thursday, July 19, 2007

Olmert releases the terrorists

Ho-hum. Today, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert unilaterally released 256 convicted islamic terrorists from prison as a "goodwill gesture" to the prophet mohammed.

So, what else is new?

Wingin' it

I made my famous chicken wings last night for some friends. They were insanely good, especially my parve blue cheese that Nanc will never get the recipe for. Drank about 6 cold beers, too. My kind of night!

Attention world

David Beckham and his bimbo wife are not going to change one simple fact: America will never, ever give a crap about soccer. It's a sport for women and suburban kids, period. Here's a deal for you to consider: Stop trying make us Americans give a sh-t about soccer and we'll stop trying to make the rest of the world care about football (yes, AMERICAN football).

Shabbos thoughts

This Shabbos we read the first parsha of the final book of Torah: Devarim. It is also called "Mishneh Torah" in the Talmud because the book is essentially an explanation of Torah given by Moshe before he dies. If you want a summary of Torah from the book of Exodus onward than reading Devarim is just the thing for you.

Good Shabbos, y'all!



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