Monday, August 06, 2007

Hebron Inquisition set to begin

The despicable act of expelling Jews from Hevron for being Jewish is about to take place. Why are these poor Jews being torn from their homes and businesses, forced to suffer the revolting reality of having the IDF hand them over to the moslems as a gift? Why are they not being permitted to stay in an area that is the holiest Jewish city next to Jerusalem? Why are Jews being sent by force from land that has been Jewish since the time of Abraham?

Because they are Jewish and for no other reason. - Today, the 78th anniversary of the 1929 riots and massacre in Hebron, which left 67 dead and the surviving population expelled from the city, Defense Minister Ehud Barak personally decided to expel two more families from the city, from their homes in the Shalhevet neighborhood (the shuk).

The Hebron Community council expresses deep pain and protest at the desecration of the memories of the 1929 victims and the continuation of forced expulsion, this time not by Arabs, rather by Jews, expelling their brothers.

According to information received by the community, about 1,000 police, riot squad forces and soldiers will execute the expulsion late Sunday night - early Monday morning. The community calls on anyone to whom Hebron and Eretz Yisrael are important to, to flock to Hebron as early as this coming Saturday night, following Shabbat, in order to take an active role in the protest and struggle. Most likely Israeli security forces will close all roads leading to Hebron sometime Monday, so it is important to arrive as early as possible.

If they converted to islam they would be permitted to stay. If they converted to Christianity they would be permitted to stay. If they converted to atheism and renounced Judaism they would be permitted to stay. But, because they are Jewish, an unforgivable abomination in the eyes of the "civilized" world, they are being expelled by military force at the behest of self-loathing cowards.

Families are going about their daily affairs. Children play outside their homes, with crayons and coloring books, in what was for centuries a graceful Jewish Quarter in the holy city of Hevron. A long-skirted woman, hair covered with a scarf, is washing the floor of her home.

You’d never know that 3,000 police officers, soldiers and Yassam SWAT teams are waiting for the word to pour into the area in hundreds of buses – to evict two families, and an undetermined number of supporters who plan to stand together with them.

The plan is reminiscent of the 2005 Disengagement operation in which 12,000 government forces expelled some 8,000 Jews from 25 communities in northern Samaria and the Gush Katif region of Gaza.

It brings to life the memory of the government-ordered “evacuation” of activists protesting the destruction of nine empty buildings in a planned neighborhood outside the community of Amona, carried out by thousands of Yassam police. Many were mounted on horses, which in some cases were used to trample the protestors. It is not known whether the Yassam will bring their horses Monday night.

Jewish-owned Land

The land on which the Hevron market stands is Jewish-owned, purchased in 1540 by Rabbi Malkiel Ashkenazai, a refugee from the Spanish expulsion in 1492. For centuries, it provided a haven for Jews, who went about their daily affairs then too, until their slaughter by Arabs in 1929 and the exile of those who managed to stay alive.

Jewish-owned property, houses and synagogues were left empty as residents fled for their lives.

The Jordanians who took control of the area transformed one section of the lovely Jewish Quarter into an open air market after that massacre. A synagogue in the beautiful Avinu Avraham neighborhood, as it is called, was turned into a goat yard.

Hevron, liberated by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War, gradually became home to Jews once more, although its Arab residents were allowed to continue to operate the market and sell their wares.

When I see things like this I become even more radicalized, more militant, and more convinced that only a wall of bullets fired at WHOMEVER is doing the expelling, be they Israeli forces or "Palestinian" terrorists, will be able to stop these horrors. Jews must begin to fight back. Jews must take a stand against moslem collaborating Jews. A Jew who takes part in the expulsion of Jews from Hebron (HEBRON!!), should be considered guilty of high crimes against the Jewish people, not unlike the Jewish collaborators to the Nazis back in the 1940's, and thus be subject to paying the price for these actions.

It is time for Jews to say enough is enough. If the expulsion of Jews from Gaza wasn't bad enough, if the Jewish expulsion from Amona wasn't cruel enough, the Jewish expulsion of Judea's holiest cities should be an considered an act so heinous that we as Jews should divest from this abomination state and renounce it as anti-Semitic. Jews must not support the mistreatment and abuse of Jews, the outward discrimination against Jews, the public defamation against Jews, and, especially, the brutal pogroms and ethnic cleansing against the Jews, even if it is being exacted upon them by self-loathing forces of Jewish ancestry.

Kahane was right, but he stopped short of calling for what needs to be called for: Civil War. The only problem is that the self-loathers have all the guns and all the power, while observant Jews are left with pea-shooters and sling shots. Thus, these helpless Jews continue being persecuted without mercy by the rodef Jews of the rogue State of Israel.

Sure hope He is listening to the cries of these brave Jews being persecuted by their wicked, taskmaster brethren, because they sure could use His help right about now.



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