Monday, November 19, 2007

Rally: "Release Jews, not terrorists!"

Though these protests only fall upon deaf ears, it's still nice to know there is some sanity left in the Hellenized Holy Land.

( Protectors gathered at the Rose Garden opposite the Prime Minister's office Monday morning to demonstrate against the government's decision to release hundreds of Palestinian Authority terrorists ahead of next week's planned Annapolis summit.

Among those participating in the protest were Rabbi Dov Lior, who is Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Arba and a member of the Council of Rabbis in Judea, Samaria and Gaza as well as several Knesset Members. The officials were joined by families of victims of terror and by families of the Jewish activists who remain incarcerated for nationalist activities.

One of the demonstrators was Yisca Lieberman, whose father Rabbi Hillel Lieberman was murdered by Arab terrorists near Joseph's Tomb several years ago. She said she appealed to Public Security Minister Avi Dichter to explain the logic of freeing terrorists who planned to murder Israelis while not freeing Jews who were incarcerated for lesser offenses but added, "No one cares."

Release religious Jewish nationals while leaving arab terrorists incarcerated? What an incredible concept.



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