Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rav Kahane on Annapolis

A few words from the great Rabbi Meir Kahane that perfectly relate to the Annapolis abomination that begins on Tuesday.

Peace? There is, to be sure, one peace plan that would be acceptable to the Arabs and if the Jews would agree to it, there is GUARANTEED to be peace between them and the "Palestinians." That plan is to give up the State of Israel, the Jewish State. Do we hear protests, even from the lamentable liberals? We should hope so, for none but the most demented of lemmings would agree to THAT. But that being so, KNOW THAT THERE WILL BE NO PEACE. Unless, of course, the Jew returns to his Father in Heaven.

But that may be even more impossible than the thought of giving up Israel. In the meantime, for those who see Israel's existence at the center of their own, let there be no collapse before the blizzard of world sleet and the bitter cold hatred and pressure. The bitter cold grips a man and lulls him, in his terrible weariness, to seek rest, just a little rest. To pause and lie down and sleep - just for a moment. That moment is death. The warmth that creeps over him is the beginning of the most terrible cold of them all, the cold of death. Similarly, those who grow weary of the bitter cold, the ongoing struggle against the Arabs, can easily fall victim to the siren sound of those who raise the warm flag of "peace." Soothing and seductive proposals of a false "peace," the terribly false warmth that lulls the weary Jew - weary of war - to rest, for just a moment from the cold of hatred and battle. To rest and accept compromise and give up land for peace and to trust the Arab. It is such a warm moment. It is the moment that leads to death. It is the false warmth that leads to the cold reality of the destruction of Israel.

We are weary? We have been fighting the Arabs for 50 years? Nonsense! We have been fighting an entire world for more than 3,000 years and if our ancestors had been as weary and guilt-ridden and confused as so many of our time, where would we be today? We may, indeed, have to fight for another 50 years - or 500! We may, indeed, have to be a garrison state confronting vicious and cruel Arabs who seek our destruction. What of it? Do we therefore surrender to illusion and delusion? Do we therefore walk away from our state? Far, far better to have a state and an army and power that we must be prepared to use and guarantee Jewish survival, than to return to the state of conditions of the Exile that led to the Holocaust. Far better a garrison state than an emasculated state of destruction. All the Jews who have died in 50 years in Israel barely equal the number who perished in one day in the death camps. THAT is a far more warming thought than the warm death of "compromise" and giving up land. Better a Jewish state that the world despises than an Auschwitz that it loves.

Of course, none of it has to be. However, it WILL be unless we choose that one path which will give us instant redemption and freedom from all this unnecessary tragedy: TSHUVA, pentinence, a return to G-d and His commandments. How sad that this seems to be the one thing that the Jews simply refuse to consider.




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