Sunday, August 24, 2008

Barak O'Biden

You think you can just blow me off, Barak??

This thread is open for all comments on Obamanation's VP choice of Biden and the upcoming Democrat convention. Personally, I'm thrilled with the pick, as Biden will have at least 10 humiliating meltdowns between now and election day.

I think I'm most looking forward to the Hillary uprising that will be taking place in Denver. Should be a lot of fun to watch.
8/25 UPDATE - Well, it's official: Michelle Obama loves her parents, and her kids, and puppies, and warm hugs, and America, and God, and fresh, hot cinnamin rolls, and making people smile, and world peace.

So, after that performance who could possibly still say Osama Obama lacks for substance, toughness and the readiness to be president??



  1. 'Bama should be put up on charges of "terrorist running for U.S. President." Do you realize the guy's daddy-o was more than 70% Arab!? I'll come our right now(no, no) and say that I'm not voting 'Bama because he's got Arab blood. Not being a racist, I nevertheless don't want an Arab in the White House at a time when the country is at an all-out war against global Jihad lead by...Arabs.

  2. The Obamanations are their own worst enemy. The upside to the liberal candidates is their arrogance. They can't regulate the offensive filth that pours out of their mouths.

  3. In American elections, they talk about everything, except politics.

    Eithan: His dad was Kenyan, and he only spent time with him once. Obama is pro-Zionist.

    Both conventions will be yawns.

    Nothing important will happen from Clinton's delegates. Hillary has no place to go but to the Democratic Party. She will not spoil her future. McCain has nothing politically to offer Clinton supporters. He is against abortion.

  4. From a political perspective this was a very strange choice. Biden is extremely liberal and from the North. Whereas normally a Northern Liberal like Obama would want to be balanced with a Southern conservative.

  5. Ren, not sure I understand your perspective. Hillary supporters can't go to McCain because he is against abortion? Polls suggest otherwise. Strange comment.

    KL, not the most bizare pick. He gives a testosterone factor that Obamawimp is lacking, and may be able to shore up some of the male, blue collar Hillary supporters that are now leaning McCain. Still, it does seem desperate to pick a guy that has so much footage against you unless you don't think you can win any other way..

  6. something's rotten in denver. she's not out of it yet - too many unanswered questions.

    this is the weirdest election season i've seen in all my days.

  7. Ren: 'Bama is certainly not anywhere close to being a Zionist. If (G-d forbid) elected he will show his true colors.

  8. McCain has voted anti-choice the majority of the time. He dislikes cultural issues.

    Clinton can't bolt to the GOP. She still has to make her future in the Dems. She will not allow herself to blamed as a saboteur.

  9. Ren, who said Clinton was bolting to the GOP? The closest to what you are suggesting would be Lieberman becoming McCain's VP, but certainly not Hillary. What you talkin' 'bout Willis?


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