Friday, August 22, 2008

Anti-life Israelis besiege abortion prevention group

Up yours, leftists!

A clandestine Tel Aviv organization that offers aid, comfort and moral support to desperate pregnant women has recently been uncovered, and its existence has really drawn the wrath of the anti-life Israeli left. It seems they have successfully, and secretly, helped pursuade 301 women over the past several years not to have abortions and carry their babies to (gasp!) term.

Naturally, the leftist leadership in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bat Yam will not stand for it.

Deputy Mayor Yael Dayan, the radical leftwing daughter of late dhimmi piece of sh-t Defense Minister Moshe Dayan (he handed the Temple Mount back to the moslems in 1967 as a "good will gesture") was particularly outraged. As she sees it, these women had intelligently decided to kill their fetuses rather than foolishly carry their undesirable babies to term, as she and her cronies always recommend, but these religious lunatics ruined everything with their meddling.

Ynet News: In the last 13 years, 301 women from Bat Yam who became undesirably impregnated and asked to terminate their pregnancies, decided to give birth at the last minute even though they knew that were to endure economic distress and difficulties in raising the child. Who or what caused them to change their minds?

Yedioth Bat Yam discovered the underground activities of an association led by Refael Barnaz, who is in charge of the welfare portfolio at the Bat Yam Municipality.

The group convinces women in distress not to give up on their pregnancies. The association promises to economically assist, to provide apartments, emotional rehabilitation and more all in the name of the heavens above and increased birthrates.

“A few years ago, someone told me about this 17-year-old girl who got pregnant by my friend and wanted to have an abortion because she was terrified that her parents would know she was pregnant,” said Barnaz about one of the cases after his activities were revealed.

“I met with her boyfriend, who was a soldier and he wasn’t prepared to listen to me and even warned me that if she ends up giving birth, he is out of the picture because his parents cannot know about this.

“When she entered her seventh month, one of the association’s donors agreed to contribute the wedding costs,” said Barnaz excitedly. “They got married and had a son and today they have three children.”

Former Knesset Member
Yael Dayan said in response that “it is atrocious to make a woman do something by economic enticement and by instilling the fear that if they have an abortion, bad things will happen, despite the fact that they decided the opposite.

“This is a process supported by religious groups in order to scare women under the guise of motherhood and show them how good they will have it and how important this is and that they are actually saving them.”

A senior official in the municipality’s welfare department said, “If a woman has already come to sit in front of the pregnancy termination committee and some person comes and successfully convinces her or her husband to quickly alter their decision by promising them the world, it doesn’t sound serious to me. It isn’t right and it isn’t fair.”

It isn't fair? It isn't fair that they offer financial help, moral support, and comfort so that mothers can have babies and raise their children successfully?

Hmmm...I think she means it isn't fair that she lost out on the revenue of over 300 abortions. It isn't fair that Jews would be given Jewish advice when anti-Jewish, anti-life, self-loathing socialists are the ones designated to properly indoctrinate the desperate and poor.

This wonderful organization - grass roots and underground - is just what we want to see more of. Every inch of success for the Zionists over the Post-Zionists means we have one inch less ground to cover before we have defeated the assimilated enemy within.

Revolution, rebellion, revolt!



  1. Wow. 300? That's a drop in the bucket for the crazed liberal baby killers. I guess even one that escapes the fetus vacuum is one too many.

    Every woman should have to listen to Refael Barnaz before they get on the abortion table.

  2. Actually, 301 Hammer! Incredible the degree of decadence and inhumanity on the left, isn't it?

  3. “If a woman has already come to sit in front of the pregnancy termination committee..."

    Holy shit, Madman. What the frik is a pregnancy termination committee doing outside of the People's Republic of China and why don't they haul every nelwy-preggers Pali before this committee and sentence their half-formed terrorista to the medical waste container of Liberal Limboland? Or is that reserved for G*dless Jews only?

  4. Country Anal, the day will come when the filthy, self-loathing, anti-life leftists will be utterly defeated by modern Maccabes. May that happen soon and in our days.

  5. I know this is off topic but I noticed El-Asqa was missing. I LOVE me some free Har Ha'bayit! Very nice pic, MZ...Now how do I get myself one?


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