Thursday, August 21, 2008

Peres: "End terrorism by going green!"

Incredible, but true! Shimon Peres has figured out that the way to convice the arabs to stop killing Jews, renounce jihad, and make peace with Israel is to use more alternative energy! It's an amazing find, undoubtedly uncovered after exhaustive research and interviews with members of Hamas, Fatah and Hizballah.
Ynet: President Shimon Peres, who is celebrating his 85th birthday, has a non-militaristic solution to both the Iranian threat and global terror – developing alternate energies.

In a meeting with representatives of the students' village in the town of Dimona on Thursday, Peres said "today we face the problem of terror and Iran. The problem itself is like a swamp with mosquitoes. It's preferable to dry out the swamp than try to kill every single mosquito.

"When the price of oil rises, the terrorist organizations feel better; this feeling needs to be brought back down. The way to bring Iran, Venezuela and even Russia in some respects down is to lower the price of oil. Attacking oil fields is foolish. We can attack with energy, meaning create alternative energy".

Simply recycle, drive a Prius, and put up solar panels and VOILA! The terrorists will cease to exist!

Seriously, if this is the feeble, dillusional leadership Israel has to show for itself now, how is it possible that a true Zionist uprising is far off? I love seeing fools like Peres make it clear just how easy of a mark they will be for the upcoming Jewish rebellion. Can't wait until we topple the corrupt, leftist government once and for all and get on with establishing a TRULY Jewish state!



  1. But if the West was not reliant on Islamic oil, jihad could not be funded with petro-dollars. Certainly, we must combine resistance to Islamic terror with a full-blown project to discover an alternative source of oil.

  2. You've fallen into the liberal trap, BK. How much does it cost to steal a bulldozer? How much does it cost to plant a roadside bomb? How much does it cost to strap explosives to your belt?

    This is not a money issue. This is an ideology issue.

  3. Of course, and I agree with you. But saudi petro-dollars are funding and building radical madrassas all over Europe, Africa, Asia and America. The Arab world's only resource is oil. That's the main reason why the West tolerates them.

  4. Bar, I agree that we need to choke the money supply of the arab vermin scum, but the reason the world bows to them has more to do with liberal cowardice than money. The left are dhimmis, afraid of inflaming moslems and paying them Jizya with the hope that it will pacify the jihad.

  5. It's uropian to think energy or water, could be conserved, without a planned economy.

  6. Soory Ren, but the only way to conserve is with a completely privatized economy. My guess is that you never read Garrett Hardin... and so you will forever be bamboozled and be in the business of bamozzling others into believing that the "commons" can be "managed" in a fair manner.

  7. I'm still trying to figure out how to power the solar panel factories.


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