Wednesday, August 27, 2008

IDF expels Jews to honor arab olive harvest

In Samaria, Jews are now being expelled because the arab olive harvest cannot be disturbed. Yes, you heard me, FOR THE FRIGGIN ARAB OLIVE HARVEST three Jewish families will be left homeless!

( The police and army have issued orders banning three Shomron Jews from their homes for three to four months. The explanation: "Your presence in the area represents a danger to the public order."

Various press reports state that the reason for the temporary expulsion is that the three might "disturb the Arab olive harvest." However, one of the three, Akiva HaCohen of Yitzhar, told IsraelNationalNews that this has nothing to do with the truth. "The olive harvest season begins only at the end of my four-month expulsion," he said.

Tick, tock, tick, tock...the powder keg of the Zionist Revolution is just waiting to go off. Civil unrest, street violence, and government overthrow inches closer.



  1. Whenever I think I've heard it all, another act more heinous than the last is perpetrated by the Olmert machine.

  2. What can I say!? We can only hope and pray that G-d willing such a coup will take place...and soon!

  3. Hammer, this is the necessary bottom falling out. It has to go down this way before it gets better. The Israeli people swallowed some bad halucinogenic leftist sh-t, and are now on a very, very sick trip. The remedy is founded in Torah based Zionism.

  4. Lord - please have YOUR way with the arab olive harvest. and, if at all possible, may they be bitter and worthless.



  5. Nanc: what in the world happened to your and Warren's blog? Is everythink OK? You know I couldn't do without it so please tell me it ain't so...

  6. MZ: your template is AMAZING! Please help me find one like that, big guy.

  7. Eitan, you can find it on the web. Great shot, eh?


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