Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Palin!

I cannot remember ever being more politically excited and happy than I am right now. This is fabulous, and goes to the heart of defeating the notion that the best way for women to advance their "sisterhood" is to become a militant feminist, hold quasi-Marxist political views, and blame men for all that's wrong with the world.

Palin is a self-described "hockey-mom" from Alaska. Her son enlisted in the army and will be deployed for duty next month. She's great looking. She is very smart, very likable, and very conservative. She has EXECUTIVE experience as the governor of Alaska.

Hillary is now the jilted, failed feminist. She was going to shatter the glass ceiling, but the "men" who are in the Democrat party first eliminated her as the candidate based on a voting date technicality, and then passed her over for VP despite getting 50% of the Democrat vote in the primaries!

Where do these women who supported Hillary go? Well, the true feminazis who believe the only criteria for a candidate is a pro-infanticide platform will still go Obama, but I bet at least 50% of them jump on the GOP bandwagon.

Signed, sealed, delivered, it's McCain-Palin in November! Until this moment I've been very doubtful, but now, NOW (pun intended) I see no possible way the Dems can win. YES!!!



  1. Actually, I think it was one of the worst gambles he could have taken.

    (1) McCain's saving grace against Obama has been experience. Even though the Obama campaign will never say it, every informed voter has at least considered the very real possibility that McCain's age or health conditions could deteriorate, leaving his VP in charge. How is McCain going to sell Governor Palin to the American people; a VP who hasn't served out an entire term as governor, who was only a mayor of an Alaskan(!) town prior to her being elected, and who is three years younger than Obama?

    (2) Palin is one of the most arch-conservative Republican governors. The problem is that most polls show the conservative base of the Republican party begrudgingly voting for McCain already. Hillary supporters won't flock to Palin because she stands on the opposite side of Hillary on major feminist issues like abortion (taking one of the most hardline pro-life stances in the country).

    The conservatives who were none-too-thrilled about McCain have a bone to chew on. I'll give you that. It may temporarily breathe new life into a dying campaign, but the Palin iron-lung won't be enough to beat Obama.

  2. She's quite attractive, though.

  3. I agree. Obama's donors are throwing their money away, now!

  4. It's a beautiful thing. McCain and his advisors pulled the biggest coup I could have imagined.

  5. I imagine Palin will draw more women voters to the Republican side than Hillary Clinton would have for the Dems.

    For one thing, and this is improtant - she's not Hillary Clinton.

    Women aren't looking to vote for just any woman, they're looking to vote for a woman they can identify with.

    Hillary "stand by your philanderer" Clinton doesn't have it, and further, in a tale-of-the-tape matchup of political qualifications, Sarah Palin has more executive experience (as Governor of Alaska) than Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton put together.

    Some time mid-November, after McCain and Palin handily defeat the Obama bin Biden ticket, the knives will come out for Howard Dean and the left-tards that have transformed the Democratic Party from a party only morons vote for into a party only fucking retards vote for.

  6. She's cute alright but there's a great drawback to this choice: rarely was it more obvious that a choice of running mate was purely tactical. Prior to this event she was more of a Sarah Who(?) than a Sarah Palin. The choice of a smart looking woman by the GOP would never have occurred without Hillary Clinton, "Feminazi" (what is it with Americans calling each other Nazis for no good reason at all?), going nearly all the way...

    But it's a clever move and it'll bring potato head some votes.

  7. I don't know how good McCain's choice really was. I would have gone with either Giuliani or Romney. They would have given him the support of those GOP members who'd doubted his voting record and such before. She's a virtual unknown but she IS good looking.

    Shavua tov!

  8. I don't know if feminists will support someone who is against the right of abortion, a creationist and a polar bear hunter? I don't believe there is a feminist movement, since most of the leaders are Democrats.

    Governors like joggers and golfers, make bad presidents.

    Pollsters say the significant numbers will come in a week.

    Today it's Obama 49% to McCain 45% including leaners, says Rasmussen.

  9. Very nice move for McCain... i was rejoicing too until i read this in a haaretz report:
    "It is frightening that John McCain would select someone one heartbeat away from the presidency who supported a man who embodies vitriolic anti-Israel sentiments (Pat Buchanan, in 2000)"...
    is there some truth about this or is it just the lie of a defeated democrate?

  10. ren -- 19 of our Presidents have been Governors.

  11. I like to think of it this way... if McCain was keepin' even in the polls without the Republican base... just think of how good he can do WITH it behind him!

    Wa-Hoo! Lets go kick some DNC tushy!

  12. Lost Tribe: When Buchanan came to Alaska in 2000 to campaign she wore a Buchanan pin. I wouldn't look too deep into that connection, as she is very pro-military with a son heading off to Iraq. Just the fact that she is on board with McCain should end that theory.

    Dave, Gert, and Ren: Of course the staunch pro-abortion women will not jump ship, but they weren't ever going to flip to Mccain anyway so that's no loss. Same with the elderly, New Deal women. She will do very, very well with mothers, though. The PTA crowd who liked Hillary will absolutely love Palin, and she'll gobble up a ton of those votes.

  13. Mad Zionist-

    "The PTA crowd who liked Hillary will absolutely love Palin, and she'll gobble up a ton of those votes."

    Exactly! This might be the first time in a long time the GOP actually wins a majority of the female vote. That's all the more true when you consider that the "feminazi" and the "New Deal elederly women", while they are unlikely to vote for McCain-Palin, are very likely to stay home in significant numbers.

  14. Gert,

    (what is it with Americans calling each other Nazis for no good reason at all?)

    When you hear an American leftist call someone a "Nazi" it's because the target of the appelation is not as leftist as them (Nazis being the only grouping of leftists in history the US has crushed militarily).

    When you hear an American rightist call someone a "Nazi" they're refering to that person's innately leftist virtues of anti-Semitism and zeal for national socialism.

  15. MZ,

    How do you score McCain-Palin among the Florida Jewish vote?

    On the McCain-Palin side you have two supporters of Israel and vocal critics of Iran.

    On the Obama-Biden side you have a anti-Semitic black radical endorsed by Hamas and Iran's representative in the US Senate.

  16. Since the South Florida hero of the Democrat party is Robert Wexler, and he is claiming that Palin's wearing of a Buchanan pin in 2000 is proof that she's a Hitler sympathizing radical anti-Semite (despite the fact that she'd never given a penny to Buchanan and was a Forbes supporter at that time), I suspect it won't help her too much among the elderly Jews.

    She will, however, capture the small percentage of Jewish mothers under 50 - and some left-leaning Jewish younger men who were looking for an excuse to not vote for Obama.

    All in all, it was trending McCain before he named Palin, and I suspect this will give it an extra percentage point or two.

  17. i could NOT be happier, madze - mccain finally did something to unite this broken party.

    she's wonderful and i hear her 17 year old daughter is preggers and HAVING the baby - WOOT!

    as you know, i had my eldest at a young age (oops!) and she's a jewel in most ways and has given me four beautiful grandchildren, one of whom spent the weekend with us on the mountain.


  18. MZ,

    Surely you can show those elderly Jews that a Governor wearing a button for less than a day as a courtesy for a guy that eventually left the Republican Party to "take conservatives with him" (no conservatives noticed) is nothing compared to the Senator endorsed by Hamas and the Senator who worked feverishly to keep the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (the guys that supply Hezbollah with missiles) off the US Sate Department list of terrorist organizations.

    Here's hoping you make a big sea change in local Jewish opinion here.

  19. Better question is how McCain/Palin will fare in Illinois...

  20. Eitan,

    Illinois has too many dead Chicagoans to ever flip Republican.


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