Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Big night for Palin

Angry, lunatic-fringe leftists aside, I think most people in America are incredibly excited to see Sarah Palin's speech tonight. McCain has chosen the most popular governor in the Unites States as his running mate, and while many of us already have fallen in love with her, for many others who don't follow politics closely, or are sitting on the fence, this is possibly the biggest coming out party in political history.

Watching Gretta Van Sustrin doing recap on FOX last night, I noticed the crowd behind her chanting, "Palin! Palin! Palin!" Observing the dynamic, I got the feeling she's going to get by far the biggest, loudest reception of the entire convention tomorrow night, partly as a backlash against how she's been treated by the press and the democrats. They rightly believe their girl has been shat on, and they will give an outpouring of love and support in her defense. The establishment is unethically messing with their girl, and like with Hillary in the primaries, this bias by the media will inspire that protectionist instinct to fight back and could prove very harmful to the Obama campaign.

Susan Estridge even came out last night and said the democrat's attacks against Palin are the lowest, most sexist cheap shots in political history. She said she disagrees with Palin's politics, but the viscious personal attacks about her family are unprescedented. Remember, Estridge is a far left Democrat operative who ran the Dukakis' campaign and worked with Ferraro when she was a VP candidate. This is significant, because it shows the pushback isn't just from partisan Republicans anymore.

I can't imagine what it must be like for Sarah with so much riding on this one performance. We will be witnessing history tonight, one way or the other. If she does well she may just lock up the nomination for the GOP and become the first female VP. If she chokes under pressure and gives a clunker speech she'll effectively kill the campaign tonight.

The stakes couldn't be higher. Personally, I believe in her and think she'll knock it out of the park.

Incidentally, Palin's pregnant daughter Bristol will be there tonight with her fiance. The terrible stigma the Dems have tried to label her with could really backfire when the country sees how mature, honorable and courageous this family is in the face of unimaginable personal attack and hatred in the media.

Good luck, Sarah. Our country needs you.


  1. Her church only 2 weeks ago, raised $$ for "Jews for Jesus." Interesting considering her Pat Buchanon ties.

  2. A Democratic candidate could be on youtube doing donkey shows and there would not be a peep.

    All these dirty deeds are going to backfire on the liberals big time.

    Go Palin!!

  3. Ren, your info is incorrect. She did not ever endorse, donate to, or have ties with Buchanan. If you have evidence of her being a Jews for Jesus supporter than provide a link to prove it. I think you're simply using a propaganda driven smear tactic, and that won't play on this site.

  4. Well, she nailed it, gang. A perfect grand slam home run! A star is born!

  5. Star presentations by the cream of the Republican Party - Fred Thompson, Michael Steele, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, even Mike Huckabee's speech was good.

    And Sarah Palin leaves no doubt that Joe Biden is going to be way in over his head in a debate with her.

    By the 3rd night of the Republican convention, it is clear that no rational person should put stock in Obama's election chances.

    Everybody that spoke Wednesday night has themselves more qualifications to be President than Barack Obama.

    Contrast with the 3rd night of the Democratic convention, the last night of the Bill and Hillary Clinton soliloquy. Does anybody remember that Joe Biden spoke that night? Does anybody remember anything he said besides that his mother had to tell him it's not okay to get his ass kicked on the way home from school everyday?

    Stop taking Democrats seriously. Why should you? They don't.


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