Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Star is Born

"The Natural"

Well, I think anyone who watched that speech last night had to be blown away. Last week we saw a little taste of how good Sarah Palin might be when she was first introduced to us as McCain's pick for VP. Well, we now know that great first impression was justified - and then some.

I was left nearly speechless from her speech. She's The Natural, The One, she's just "got it". In all my years of watching political speeches, I have never, ever seen anything like it. She was spectacular, and launched herself into the national spotlight as more than just a qualified VP pick, but a GOP superstar for many, many years to come.

The part of the speech where Palin declared that, as the mother of a Downs child, she will be a friend and advocate in Washington for families with special needs children, my wife, an independent who pre-MZ had leaned Democrat, welled up with tears. It was incredible to see that even as she brutally smashed Obama, the emotional connections that women often need to get on board were made in that speech.

Three critical elements were necessary if her speech was going to be successful:

1. She needed to show she was tough and poised under intense pressure
2. She needed to explain why she was more qualified than Obama to be President
3. She needed to emotionally inspire both the crowd in the hall and the viewers at home

On all three counts she was phenomenal. A truly gifted natural speaker who is off the charts likable. Even the liberal media pundits were left mesmerized with their jaws dropped in praise. I've never seen anything quite like it.

That said, there is still a long way to go before the work is done. I think she may end up being the key factor in who wins this election, even more than the candidates themselves. She has a star quality and speaking ability that even exceeds Messiah Obama himself, and is just too powerful a force to be left in the traditional VP background.

Lots of attacks against her to follow, but she is simply electric and so formidable that I can't see anyone or anything stopping her. The Dems have to be absolutely terrified right now.

Of course, the quiet winner after her brilliant performance: John McCain for having the brass balls to pick this dynamo despite the doubts of the so-called experts. They said it was a high risk high reward selection. Last night, Sarah made him look like a genius.



  1. madze - we were absolutely enthralled in hers as well as giuliani's speeches - he sure ripped the other side a new one...

    the left is being brutal - someone has even opened a "facebook" type of blog with her daughter "bristol's" name - with photos of teens who look just enough like her and her b/f boozing and holding guns - thing is, the girl who's supposed to be bristol is thinner, has two beauty marks on her right cheekbone and no chin dimple - the left is eating it up - THE LIES!

  2. The fact that they are in hyperdrive to discredit her is proof that they are absolutely terrified. they know she's "The One", and they are desperate to stop her. They will fail, because she's just too good for them.

    BTW, the line of the night came from Huckabee: "Sarah Palin got more votes running for Mayor of Wassilla than Biden got running for President of the United States."

  3. we must've been outside having a cold one when that was said! *;]

  4. have you seen hammer's shop?

  5. Rhetorically it was incredible. In terms of substance, Palin had very little to add beyond a few glib attacks at Obama. Gallup's numbers show her as not having made a significant effect on McCain's poll numbers. If McCain bel-air's tonight's speech in any way, any momentum that could have come from the RNC will be shot.

  6. Dave, the Obama bounce is toast. CBS just released the first post-Palin speech poll and McCain/Palin have surged to a dead heat.

    By the time the convention numbers are complete in a couple days McCain/Palin will be solidly ahead.

  7. Nanc,

    You really didn't expect an intellectual response to Sarah Palin from leftists, did you?

    You really don't expect intellectual responses from leftists, do you?

  8. true, beamish. although i did come across one who was undecided and now they're in the mccain/palin boat! there is hope - a glimmer - well maybe not a glimmer - more like a gl.

  9. Nanc,

    There are two kinds of leftists:

    1.) Those too stupid to be anything else

    2.) the uninformed

    You can fix number 2.


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