Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin? YES! McCain? ehhh...ok

Can we reverse the ticket? Listen, McCain has an inspiring story and a great plan to fight corruption that we all can believe in. However, his meandering speech last night didn't hold a candle to Palin's masterpiece, and put my wife to sleep.

Look, I love the theme about how he and Palin will attack Washington with the veto pen in hand and force accountablity to the "do-nothing" politicians, but then he drifted into a dull, meandering, and exceedingly liberal snoozfest with the "free Community College" crap and the "wage differencial compensation" bull sh-t.

Thankfully, he soared again at the end when he explained how his experiences being tortured caused him devote his life to serving America with integrity.

Bottom line: The best decision McCain ever made was picking Palin. Palin is The One, and his only chance to win the election is riding her skirt tails to the White House. She's the star on the ticket, and he needs to get the hell out of her way.



  1. Madze:

    Hey, waddaya know: we agree on something (although perhaps not for the right reasons - lol). McCain's speech was boring and, yes, quite liberal in many respects.

    Makes me wonder how the traditional wing of the GOP would react when if elected he starts moving the party to the centre and turn it into the New Republican Party: the RINO...

  2. Gert, I think he'll always have a love/hate relationship with conservatives, but She is the conservative hero.

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  4. Ren, not sure why you keep posting this over and over again. The Daily Kos is not a reliable news slource, and I will delete propaganda in the future. If she did attend Sunday church services when they introduced a J4J speaker, well, so what? Seriously, she has already been called a true friend of the Jewish people by Chabad of Alaska and has certainly no record of support for J4J.

    Seriously, if you want anti-Semitism go to Farakhan and Wright, two of Obama's best buddies. Palin is clean, and your reference is a joke.

  5. why is gert using MY name for you?

  6. look, McCain has expressed admiration for james baker. But compared with the sinister obama, the biggest faker in both parties-- and that's saying a lot-- McCain looks good. Just don't trust him or expect too much if McC gets elected. But in any case, it's important to make a lot of noise in favor of Israel and against the anti-Jewish racist policy that Condi Bitter Rice is dishing out.

  7. I agree with you. I'm not that big a McCain fan. I was very unenthusiastic about him. I got very psyched when he picked Sarah Palin. I wish she was running at the top of the ticket. Go Sarah Go!

  8. Welcome, Carolina. Glad you came to contribute. Hope to see more of you.


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