Sunday, August 03, 2008

Major 1st Temple Archeological Discovery

Confirmations of 1st Temple era discoveries always go a long way towards making radical secularists and islamists cringe. This one gives irrefutable archeological evidence of the historical validity of the Book of Jeremiah, 6th century BCE.

( Archaeologists have unearthed proof of another Biblical story at Jerusalem's ancient City of David, this time corroborating the Book of Jeremiah.

A completely intact seal impression, or "bula", bearing the name Gedaliahu ben Pashur was uncovered. The bula is actually a stamped engraving made of mortar.

Gedaliahu ben Pashur's bula was found a bare few meters away from the site where a second such seal, this one belonging to Yuchal ben Shlemiyahu, an elder in the court of King Tzidkiyahu, was found three years ago, at the entrance to the City of David.

According to Professor Eilat Mazar of Jerusalem's Hebrew University, who led the dig, the ancient Hebrew letters "are very clearly preserved." The seal impression was found in clay, she said.

In the Book of Jeremiah (38:1-4), both men were ministers to King Tzidkiyahu, who reigned from 597-586 BCE. The two, along with another pair demanded the death penalty for the prophet Jeremiah in response to his plea for the king to surrender the city to the oncoming hordes of the Babylonian conqueror Nebuchadnezzer.

When we see these discoveries it makes it tougher and tougher for those who hate Judaism to justify rejecting Torah as a myth. It also makes it easier and easier to justify expelling the moslem enemy within, who seeks to destroy all these remnants that invalidate their fraudulent claim that the land never really was the biblical heritage of the Jewish people.



  1. The Bible Unearthed (video series is available by doing a google video search) pretty much concludes that every bit of secular history from around 650 BC on happened.
    Of course, there is still zero evidence for the Exodus, in fact, tremendous evidence against it.
    The Persian Israelite connection probably brought upon it the Laws of Hammurabi to the Israel region.
    And the people changed the story into their own, inventing history of a great Exodus from Egypt as well as Moses.

  2. Seems to me we clearly won't agree on religious matters, so no point in arguing. Suffice to say, we can agree that it is a fascinating find and lends a great historical credibility to Jewish claims to the land being the biblical home of the Jewish people.

  3. All the proof that is needed is what happened in 1948. Populations come and go, so I'm not looking at Israel as being Jewish because Jews lived there from 1000 BC to 70 AD. It is insignificant except it was a driving factor in the formation of Israel.
    The Palestine region was non sovereign land, and up for grabs. It is now a Jewish state.
    As for Gaza and the West Bank, negotiations are still needed because they are not on sovereign land.

  4. The only reason that that parcel of land matters for Jews is that it is our biblical Jewish heritage. Otherwise, any strip of land, anywhere, would be satisfactory. This is our holy land, our borders are important because they are assigned to us in our Torah, and the fact that archeology can serve to coroborate our biblical accounts only serves add more emphasis to refute the doubters.

  5. i read of this - everything is coming together, just as predicted in the prophets and the psalms.

    save us, Messiah.

  6. The fact that the torah assigns you a particular parcel of land is meaningless to the rest of us. Either "hold it" or "lose it". THAT is the way of the world. Ancient claims only work on "guilt" feeling consciences. Muslims have NONE.

  7. FJ, the ancient claims are central to the reason we must "hold it" and not "lose it". You are correct, though, when you say that for the majority of the world, who seem to only like Jews when they are being persecuted, it is meaningless. For those who dislike Israel and "the Zionists", these discoveries won't persuade them in the slightest.

  8. So it's time you started acting like you owned it, instead of trying to convince the rest of the world as to the "validity" of your "original lease".

    Now go evict the squatters!

  9. What do the Muslims have to do with an ancient coin having been dug up? I agree that the Palestinians(not Muslims) have no claim to a Greater Israel but not everything must be connected to Muslims.

  10. The moslems believe that the temple never existed, that it was a rose garden, and that the Jews have no legitimate biblical claim to the land.

  11. Well, well, well. BEAJ makes an appearance at Mad Zionist. I would have thought hell would have frozen over first or that I would have become religious yesterday, somfink like zat.

    What's with the comment moderation? I mean, that's sooo Stalinist (wink!) The Politburo will decide to publish this or not... (just kiddin', just kiddin')

  12. Gert, I guess that I'm irresistable - even to those who despise my beliefs. As far as the comment moderation goes, you can thank John Brown for that.

  13. MZ: Just like there are different "levels" of Judaism: Reform/Conservative/Orthodox there are different kinds of Muslims. Many Muslims today want no part of the Arab-Israeli conflict, nor do they neccessarily consider the Temple Mt. as important to Islam.

  14. Eitan, there is no such thing as "reform"/"conservative" islam. There is not a single moslem who believes the Temple Mount is rightfully Jewish property.

  15. Not officially there isn't, but there are Muslims who are less observant and vice versa.

  16. MZ: Gert, Beaj, and myself to some extent, are always in the same conundrum, when we comment no matter what the subject.

    There are bourgeoise democratic values, fought for during the American Revolution and the Civil War, as secularism, seperation of church and state, equal rights etc. On the subject of Israel, Kahanist beliefs come into contradiction.

  17. Ren, all of us you named are very different. Bacon is a militant atheist, you are a militant socialist, Gert is a militant liberal, and I am a militant Zionist. We all share militancy for something, however I see other differences that are important.

    Bacon from a personal standpoint isn't very appealing. He is hostile towards all who are not of his faith, and seems to have a one-tracked mind that doesn't function outside of the realm of atheist supremacy.

    Gert is somewhat tempermental, and very liberal politically, but I genuinely like him. We have been through fierce debate wars on numerous occasions, yet manage to come away as friends who mutually respect one another. I believe he has a good heart, bleeding though it may be.

    Ren, you are a blogging gentleman, and someone who I genuinely enjoy discussing politics with. I think because we both share revolutionary ideals, radically different though they may be, it lends us to sharing a common bond.

    I think we understand one another better than most, and mutually can empathize with what it's like to suffer the frustrations of fighting for a movement the majority despises.

    All in all, you may not like Kahane anymore than I like Castro, but I suspect we would very much enjoy sharing a few beers and talking politics.

  18. Bacon from a personal standpoint isn't very appealing. He is hostile towards all who are not of his faith, and seems to have a one-tracked mind that doesn't function outside of the realm of atheist supremacy.
    Again, you have to define faith. You don't need faith to say that there is no evidence for Leprechauns just like you don't need faith to say that there is no evidence for God.

    No atheism supremacy going on. I just live in a factual world where I believe that laws and actions that affect the masses should be dictated by reality and not supernatural beliefs.

    If you want to pray or worship to whoever you want, do so, but don't include someone who doesn't share the myths you believe in.

  19. I don't believe atheists exist. How do we know Baconeater isn't just being irreverent or irreligious? Can he prove he's an atheist?

    Are we supposed to have faith that he is?


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