Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Messianic missionaries invade Israel

Craven hoards of messianic filth, intentionally misrepresenting Judaism to deceive lost Jews into worshipping Jesus, are invading the northern Israel township of Kiryat Shmonah this week determined to con as many unsuspecting seculars as possible into unwittingly renouncing Torah, and their very status as Jews, for Christianity.

It's especially outrageous that the messianics would target the holiest, most solemn day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur, to declare war on Judaism and deploy armies of guerrilla missionaries in the heart of the Jewish holy land. There can be no tolerance of this heinous act of subversion inside Israel's borders. Like the moslems, they should all be permanently expelled, by force if necessary, and never permitted back into the Israel again.

The Jewish State cannot allow organized groups of missionaries to enter their borders with the intention of cutting off as many Jews as possible from their people. It is a wretched, wretched act that harms all of Jewry in the process. Lost or disgruntled secular Jewish youngsters, whose families probably have been part of the Jewish nation for thousands of years, are being duped into throwing everything away: their heritage, their birthright, their traditions, Torah, and all that their ancestors sacrificed and suffered through so they could live where they live today, for a phony bill of goods from Jesus peddling con artists.

We've been through too much, come too far, and have too much to lose, to allow this abomination to openly fester in the midst of our Jewish homeland.



  1. This thread is in no way an insult to honest Christians who aren't posing as something they are not, and respects the differences between us while sharing a healthy alliance against our mutual enemies who seek us harm.

  2. The Torah commands us repeatedly "and you shall exterminate evil from our midst". We cannot allow these missionaries to spread their poison and to destroy Jewish souls. We are in a period of great shmad, spiritual apostasy.

    May HaShem merit that all the lost Jewish children come home this Yom Kippur.


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