Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The official McCain/Obama debate thread

This thread is open to all comments regarding tonight's Town Hall Debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. I am slightly more encouraged going into the debate than I thought I'd be because McCain/Palin have recently, finally stepped up the heat in a big way on Obama for the mortgage collapse and his disturbingly close ties to unrepentent terrorist William Ayers.

Let's hope the old geezer somehow makes a good showing tonight, and actually provides some reasons for us conservatives to have enthusiasm for his sputtering, frustrating candidacy.



  1. Said McCain yesterday on the stump:

    Our current economic crisis is a good case in point. What was his actual record in the years before the great economic crisis of our lifetimes?

    This crisis started in our housing market in the form of subprime loans that were pushed on people who could not afford them. Bad mortgages were being backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and it was only a matter of time before a contagion of unsustainable debt began to spread. This corruption was encouraged by Democrats in Congress, and abetted by Senator Obama.

    Senator Obama has accused me of opposing regulation to avert this crisis. I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough it will be believed. But the truth is I was the one who called at the time for tighter restrictions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that could have helped prevent this crisis from happening in the first place.

    It's about time!!

  2. i want rezko to give up the dirt!

    check this out!

    i hope every nickel he gets is scrutinized.

  3. Oh, potatoe head will do well if he keeps the gear-stick in "mudslinging" rather than "issues". They've both (Palin too, I mean) been at it in the past days.

    It's always easier to galvanise some people with negative campaigning and the rather racistish claim "he's not an American like you and me, you know!" (Apparently Obama doesn't have five fingers and five toes either...) With so many voting on a whim they could still swing it without ever really debating the issues...

  4. Nanc, are you running for office? Your new avatar looks like you are up on the soap box giving a campaign speech!

    Maybe you are Beamish's Palin?

  5. Gert, if pointing out the democrat finger prints that are all over the lending collapse isn't an issue to you, but McCain being unable to use the computer effectively because of his crippling wartime injuries, or "Troopergate" are legit political issues by comparison, well, you must be a liberal...

  6. Final Dow Jones tally for today: 9,447.11/ -508.39/ -5.11%

  7. It's easier to link McCain to the Keating Five, than to link Obama to SDS. Obama has already made a 15 minute video.

    Only professional redbaiters care about Bill Ayers.

    I'm expecting if Bin Laden is alive, a preelection video. They come out always election time.

  8. government freeze on spending!


    i'm all for that.

    notice how bho is deflecting?

  9. p.s. - i would gladly be beamish' palin! just got some new glasses that would do the trick.

  10. No Bill Ayers, no attacking the letwing social engineering policies that got us in this mess, and more of the tired "reaching across the aisle" solutions.

    McCain never contrasted liberal vs conservative policy arguments. He never named any names in congress that are guilty of ruining the economy with their self serving, corrupt ties to special interests, no mention of Acorn or Laraza.

    McCain failed, flunked, blew it, and absolutely should lose the race for President as a result.

  11. i'm having a snob beer or four.

  12. I think the debate was best characterized as boring.

    Obama saying the right to healthcare, is something others can pick up on.

    Neither candidate is realistic on foreign policy.

  13. I had 4 beers and a shot of Jagermeister. McCain can't seem to say the word "liberal" or "socialist". He can't seem to logically articulate the obvious connections of liberal policy to the crash of the mortgage market...he is a horrible candidate.

    Palin '12.

  14. Interesting: http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSTRE4961BK20081008

  15. Yes, sure. Nanc can be my Palin if she wants to be.

    Do you know the difference between a pit bull and a golf mom?

  16. He did mention one time about Obamna being the second largest recipient of contributions from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (actually he was the third largest) and how they were involved with his campaign, but he didn't stick with it or expand on it. It was almost like one of those sneeze and you might miss it moments.

    You are unlikely to hear McCain put down the liberals of Congress. Hell, he is a liberal of Congress on many issues. Somebody ought to remind him that Ted Kennedy is not a good name to throw out there as an example of his bipartisanship. That makes two times now, in two debates, that he's mentioned that old son-of-a-bitch being his friend.

    What in the hell is wrong with him?


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