Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interesting Debate at Jerusalem Conference

Been awhile, eh? Well, MZ's 43rd birthday seemed as good a time as any to resume posting, so here I am. Hope you forgive my lengthy sabbatical, but time away can really clear the mind sometimes. Special thanks to Nanc for staying in touch while I've been off doing other things.


There was a very interesting debate at the recent Jerusalem Conference in Israel that really caught my attention. The best comments (from an MZ perspective, of course) came from Dr. Aryeh Eldad, MK National Union, who clearly outlined the importance of declaring all the land occupied by Israel since the 6-Day War as Israel's permanent border and declaring Jordan officially the Palestinian State.

What impressed me the most, however, was having the Likud representative, MK Tzipi Hotovely (who is indeed quite hot and lovely) chastise her party leadership for endorsing the Two-State solution within the borders of Israel. She announced her support for declaring a single state while giving citizenship to the PA arabs.

At first glance, this could be seen as a move of weakness, but I see it as a position of strength. Making all the arabs dwelling in Judea and Samaria subjected to the fullest extent of the law according to the Jewish State, with firm borders extending to the Jordan River under the absolute control of the Israeli government, would provide a permanent solution that even the Israel loathing world leaders would likely say is fair.

From this position of strength, Israel would have many enemies within, yes, but they would be easier to police than now, where the Fatah and Hamas terrorist organizations operate completely free and independent of Israeli control.

Even under such an increase in Arab population, Israel would still maintain a majority Jewish population, and with the Law of Jewish return and an increasing Jewish birthrate, Israel would be stronger than ever.

Full article here.


  1. Welcome back. Its the only viable practical solution to the conflict and the only people with the wherewithall to create a proposal everyone can live with is the Israeli right.

    The Israeli has too much invested with the fantasy of establishing another Palestinian state...and watch Fatah and Hamas have a heart attacks watching their source of 'funding' drying up in the so-called one state solution.

  2. I will always check on you. Your twitter still has you feeding one of the children!

  3. That should read - the Israeli Left has too much invested with the fantasy of establishing another Palestinian state.

  4. Muse, good to see you again and thanks for commenting. I just checked out your blog and noticed you also posted on this same story with a very similar take. Brilliant minds... :)

  5. Nanc, David is now 3 and my baby girl Manna is 5. Time sure flies, and you've been there since the MZ clan all began. I really appreciate that you always stay in touch even when I'm not very good about it.

  6. I remember when Mama Z was with both! Dayam I'm getting older!

  7. I always yearned to be crotchety!


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