Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baird (D-WA) calls for US strike on Israeli border

What hubris for a US congressman to go to Hamas controlled Gaza and tell students that the US should use military force to break Israel's defense barriers. The congressman, naturally a democrat, believes that Israel is guilty of war crimes and thinks the borders should be open to allow the flood of terrorism to flow unabated into the Jewish State.

Baird also felt compelled to join fellow leftist, Senator John Kerry, on a visit to Gaza after Israel's Operation Cast Lead to meet with Hamas and express sympathy with their plight.

This is tantamount to an Israeli MK from Likud going to Afghanistan after a US military operation to express support for Al Qaida, and then call for the IDF to attack US defense positions on the ground.

Baird is not seeking re-election, but MZ would like to invite him to run for mayor of Gaza City and see how popular he really is with the Islamic masses of Hamas he has such deep sympathy and affection for.

Link: Rep. Baird calls for US strike on Israeli border


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