Tuesday, May 23, 2006

IDF Chief: Gaza terrorists entering Israel from Egypt

The vermin are coming into Israel in droves to kill Jews thanks to Sharon's capitulation of Gaza. One can only shudder at how much worse it will get once Olmert/Peretz make Judea/Samaria into Judenrein Hamastan (God forbid!).

Arutz Sheva News - IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday that Arab terrorists from Gaza are able to bypass the elaborate high-tech security barrier separating Gaza from Israel by penetrating the country via the border with Egypt.

The Israeli-Egyptian border between the Negev and the Sinai desert, hundreds of miles long, mostly unfenced, and largely unprotected, has become a haven for smuggling weapons, drugs, and criminals into Israel. Terrorist infiltrators from Gaza can temporarily blend in with the local Arab population, which numbers in the tens of thousands, providing a springboard for attack.
Perhaps the next Land concession will work out better. Or the next...or the next...or the next. Just keep on violently expelling Jews just for being Jewish and eventually the vermin will really, really like us. Yeah, that's the ticket. Peace will come for certain, and then we can have some great big group hugs with the moslems, and maybe even share a few campfire songs with shmores and everything! Kumbaya...



  1. The Palescumians are given their own section of Israel for what? Oh, that's right, FOR PEACE, of course!

    They should have been expelled, not the Jews who were just living their lives and running their greenhouses. Insanity reigns supreme on the Left.

  2. KUMBAYA eh? LOL. How about the Israeli's begin to treat the Arab gypsy "Palestinians" like the vermin they are? Any sane person can easily see how the cycle of violence goes in Israel. 1) No attacks by Palestinian gypsies--no attacks by Israel "peace" 2) Palestinian gypsy suicide bomber kills 10 in market--Israel launches helicopter and military raids "10 terrorists killed". 3) Palestinian gypsies launch grenade attacks on Israeli schools--Israeli secret service or special forces kill the head of Hamas or his deputy general.

    Israel will never draw first blood with the Palestinians.

  3. the merry widow5/23/2006 7:45 PM



  4. Dana

    The Commie Moron club is meeting in North Korea. You are the guest of honor.

  5. dayam - i just knew they weren't sprouting inside the greenhouses at gush katif! my theory was right all along.

  6. We're waiting for frau dana to arrive and make her symbolic anti-semitic rant.
    She's the Sista Souljah of the muzzies.

  7. Big Right! Nice seeing you stop by...it's been awhile. As usual, you are right on the money.

  8. President Bush's quote of the month" You can't have a terrorist state living side by side with Israel, it just won't work."

    Ok, I paraphrased him.

    BTW, when the scumbags hit the queer liberals in the populated areas, who will they blame? Am I allowed to laugh sadistically if this becomes reality or should I pray for the poor dumb asses?

  9. Florian, it's crazy. If Jews can be expelled just for being Jewish, why can't vermin be expelled for being vermin? They devote their filthy, wretched lives to killing Jews and the Self-loathing State of Israel's solution is to give them "Land for peace"?


  10. MZ it is madness. Vermin is vermin..Jews are human. It saddens me to think that there are plenty of idiotic Israelis who will betray their own for a false peace that will never take place.

    OT: Iran just test fired a longrange missle. Could this be Israel's cue for a strike?


  11. In the Yom Kippur war, Golda Meir sat on her ass ignoring the vermin threats until it was almost too late. That foolish denial and blue sky optimism is once again the MO in Israel.

    Give away land to Hamas, which will indeed form a terrorist state dedicated to Israel's destruction, as their close ally Iran declares they will wipe the Jewish State off the map.


  12. janv - you should ALWAYS pray for dumbasses.

  13. Nanc, I gotta ask: what the hell is that Avatar of yours? It looks like you threw up on an oil painting.

  14. warren calls it a contrary - it's legendary in the world of real people. now take it back!

  15. the merry widow5/24/2006 7:36 AM

    Yeah MadZ! I'm not Nanc's fan club for nothing! Hurry up, you don't have all day! Go check out Longrange's archives for the full story.
    Good morning and G*D bless!


  16. Menachem, am I to understand that you are opposed to diaspora Jews giving support or criticism of Israel? If my views were in line with yours would you still want to stifle my right to express my opinions?

    I know my friends in Israel have warned me that it is dangerous to express opinions in Israel that are rightwing, as the government has a nasty habit of rounding up those who think like I do.

    I know in Israel the Kach Party is illegal because people like yourself have determined that views in favor of Greater Israel and an observant Jewish State must be silenced.

    Now, you are even seeking to silence all Land of Israel Jews in the diaspora as well? You want even blogs like this one to be shut down since we advocate policies you are afraid of?

    Menachem, KL was right: your kind is more dangerous than Dana. She at least comes here and is willing to state her views clearly and without contradictions. She is also not suggesting that this site should be silenced because diaspora Jewry has no right to express dissent.

    Regarding Iran, am I to assume criticizing them is wrong because I'm not currently living there? France? Or, should I just say the world is none of my damn business and put my head in the sand?

    Menachem, what right do you have to say who is allowed to have an opinion and who isn't? You are a terrible hypocrite, for you want to shut up the rabbinate, shut up the diaspora, and shut up all those, Jews and gentiles alike, who think differently than you.

    Well, you won't succeed in your desire to silence me or anyone else who has opinions you are scared of. We are going to eventually outnumber you, we will eventually become the leaders of Israel you'll have to live under, and then you'll be that dissenting liberal minority voice that wants to give away "Land for Peace" and other various cowering policies of appeasement, and people like me and Kahaneloyalist will be able to decide if people like you have the right to express an opinion or not. Fortunately for you, we are not looking to cut off your right to speak your mind.

    I hope you think about that as you advocate censorship of the opposition, Menachem, be they in The Land today or not. All Jews have a right to an opinion of Israel, even those who express views you can't handle.

  17. Much as I hate to be on the same side of an argument as you, MZ, you do make a valid point. Just because you don't live in Israel (Palestine) right now does not mean you haven't the right to express your opinions, no matter how fascist and wrong they may be.

    This may be the first and last time we ever agree on something, so enjoy!

  18. kahaneloyalist5/24/2006 2:18 PM

    Mz, you must understand Menachem is not actually religious. Oh, he may consider himself religious but in truth he is not. You see while he may tell himself he believes in the Torah it isn't really true. For by his own admission he believes that Democracy (which Israel isn't anyway) trumps Judaism. He spouts Western Christian anti-Jewish ideas such as separation of Synagoge and State and idea which comes directly from the Christian Gospels. In fact Jewish government is directly tied to the Rabbanim, check out Rambam Hilchos Melachim and Rambam Hilchos Sanhedrin. A true Jewish government is a King and Sanhedrin ruling together, there are no elections on the national level and a government only has the right to rule so long as they follow the Torah.

    There are other Mitzvas he disregards because he doesnt like them. The Halacha on conquering Eretz Yisrael is clear, and yet he opposes the Torah position, the Torah is clear on Rabbinical Authority and yet he rejects that. The Torah is clear on Religious coercion(it is a great Mitzvah). So in truth Menachem feels nostalgia for Judaism but doesnt really believe in the Torah. That is what he is and we must undestand what kind of man he is.

  19. the merry widow5/24/2006 2:32 PM

    KL- Hate to disagree, not totally, the idea of seperation comes from communism, not the Constitution. The idea in America was to prevent one sect taking control a la; Church of England, Lutherism in Germany, Roman Catholicism, etc. I think most Christians agree that Israel is a seperate and special case because of thier mandate by G*D! Until Messiah comes and rules, Israel has to govern herself. I don't think a dictatorship is the best course, do you?


  20. DANA AGREES WITH ME!! Oh, my, this is a day to remember.


  22. kahaneloyalist5/24/2006 10:17 PM

    I believe a Torah Monarchy with a King who rules with the Sanhedrin is the right form of government. I'll tell you straight out while America has been great to the Jews American values aren't Jewish values. Democracy is a Western non-Jewish value.

  23. KL, the government you speak of is the one that will come after the Moshiach has arrived, but until then we are better off having a government system that reflects the will of the Jewish people. It is therefore critical that we outreach to bring the Menachems and Danas back to Torah and mitzvos so that we can be good in God's eyes and end the self-loathing pogroms in Eretz Israel like we are seeing today.

    Our goal is to have more observant Jews so we may establish a Torah friendly government as representing the majority, not to force feed unwilling secularists a government that they don't want.

    Therefore, we really are a Democracy, for in a democracy the majority rules. For us, that means getting a majority of the Jews to become Torah-respecting instead of self-loathing, and have a Jewish State that reflects that.

    If the majority are self-loathing, KL, we will not have any of the goals you have spoke of come to fruition.

    OUTREACH is the answer, my friend. Outreach with loving kindness and not of fire and brimstone. It is our ticket to redemtion.

  24. wow, i get trashed even in the comment threads i don't comment in?

    kahaneloyalist, monarchies haven't been that great to the jews. most of the kings of israel, and many of the kings of judah were idol worshippers.

    we weren't even supposed to have a king. the jews were rebuked back in the days of shmuel for wanting a king. we were supposed to live in a halachik society, were decisions were made by rov. kind of (though perhaps not exactly) like a democracy.

  25. Menachem, your trashing on this thread was an accident, as I mistakenly posted my response from our previous thread's converstion here. Sorry!

    That said, it is an interesting topic as to what would be the proper government in modern Israel.

  26. kahaneloyalist5/25/2006 1:50 PM

    Menachem, True some of the kings were bad, but all of the Prime Ministers were at best Kophrim which is as bad Halachicaly as Avodah Zara, and all of them did crimes of incredible evil.

    As far as the days of Shmuel check out Rashi's perush as to the reason they were rebuked it was not that they asked for a King but that they asked for a King for the wrong reasons.

    The idea that the Rov decides is not true. What is true is that the leaders of Jewish communities and the local Rav were chosen by a vote by all the RELIGIOUS Jews of a area the non-religious have no say in government according to Halacha. But that was only for local government National government worked differently. There are two opinions on how a Jewish National government works.

    The first is that of the Ibn Ezra and Abarbanel who rule that a proper Jewish National government is a weak Sanhedrin which apoints a Dictator as needed, like in the time of the Shoftim.

    The second opinion is that of the Rambam and Sefer HaChinuch. They both hold that a Jewish National government is a Monarchy which rules with the Sanhedrin Rambam Mishne Torah Hilchos Melachim, Sefer HaChinuch Mitzvah 497. They also rule that the King need not be of David's line and whenever there is a Jewish State we appoint a King.

    Sefer HaChuinuch also writes that "the rule of the many is truly a curse(Democracy)" and writes at length of the flaws of Democracy in Mitzvah 71. There is no third opinion among Rishonim for what is a proper Jewish National government.

  27. the merry widow5/25/2006 4:58 PM

    Actually a Republic(what we used to be) is better, it is based on the rule of law, but offers the flexability needed to deal with various situations that come up, such as war.


  28. I agree, TMW. A representative form of government is superior to a pure democracy.

    KL, you are skirting the important issue: a Torah State cannot exist in Israel until the Jewish majority wants it. As long as a majority rejects a Torah State there cannot be a Torah State. This is a fact.

    We lack a Sanhedrin to rule over Jewish law. We lack a body to appoint a King, we lack a Temple in which the Jewish rituals and the Kohanim can be resumed.

    In short, we are far, far away from being gathered in as a people to Torah. We can and should set our goals to the attainable, which is having a Jewish State that respects Torah and is filled with Torah observant Jews. This can't happen in any other way but persuading secular Jews that being observant is a better life than being hellenized.

    We must bring back a Jewish lifestyle one JEw at a time. Like I said before: OUTREACH!


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