Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Defense Minister Peretz: "I'm a man of peace"

"I hear many remarks decrying my restraint, and it doesn't affect me."

These are the words of Ehud Olmert's defense minister, Amir Peretz, regarding the public outcry in Israel over his failure to launch any substantial military response to the Islamic Republic of Gaza's brutal terrorist attacks this week, which have left 2 soldiers dead, at least 17 Jews wounded and one hostage taken.

According to Peretz, "The situation is complicated and demands nerves of steel, good judgment, responsibility and wisdom. I am a man who seeks peace and I do not look forward to battle. The Palestinians are our neighbors and we are theirs. My desire for peace with them is great and real, and no one is more revolted by bloodshed than I."

The people in Israel may be leftwing and secular, but even they have their limits as to how much they are willing to put up with. The breaking point apparantly has been passed. Nonetheless, Olmert and Peretz are more than contented in letting negotiations, dialogue and concessions be the direction taken for dealing with the terrorists.

Peretz, on how he will deal with these escalating islamic attacks: "I am convinced that the way that the prime minister and I are leading, with the support of the security-political cabinet and the whole of the government, is a way that does not reject the intelligent use of the various levels of military force at our disposal, but does not see the use of force as necessarily the correct way. Rather, the great force and capabilities of the IDF behoove us to show restraint, self-control and a sense of proportion, both for moral and political reasons. It is actually the IDF's force that gives the policy-makers the diplomatic and political room that they need for crisis management, especially because the fight against terror is not won in one hit. The desired goal is not death or destruction, but dialogue, compromise, security and peace."

What a pathetic wimp. This might be the most cowardly government leaders that Israel has ever seen. Even worse than Barak. I fear that what lies ahead is going to be ugly.



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