Monday, June 26, 2006

IRG Rockets wound 4 Jews, knock out power in Sderot

The Islamic Republic of Gaza (IRG) continued its terrorist assault on the city of Sderot today, knocking out the city's power, wounding at least 4 Jews, and sending another dozen or so to the hospital for treatment reports the Jerusalem Post. This, as Israeli concessionist PM Ehud Olmert is stacking the Gaza border with IDF troops and ground artillary forces following last night's islamic raid in which 2 Jews were killed and a 3rd was taken hostage. That soldier, Corporal Gilad Shalit, is said to still be alive as of this writing.

In related news, YNet News is reporting that Defense Minister Amir Peretz has anounced he will not scrap the plans to forcibly expel Jewish civilians from a small settlement in Judea despite the increasing islamic attacks that have rocked the Jewish State since Gaza was made Judenrein by former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon last August. Sharon lapsed into a coma just a couple short months after he cleansed all Jewish presence from Gaza (or "Aza" as it is historically better known to Jews), the biblical home of Samson, and the Land where David famously slayed Goliath.

Finally, there are several reports that another Jew, a resident of Judea, was kidnapped by a pack of wild moslems and is apparently being held hostage, as well. More on that story will come as details become known.

In response to all of these terrible developments, the Mad Zionist is calling for the knesset to convene at once and submit a vote of no-confidence against Neville Olmert, who clearly does not have the testicles necessary to fulfill his duties as Prime Minister.


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